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Fiji is a tropical paradise located in the South Pacific, known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush vegetation. It's a popular holiday destination for tourists looking to relax and unwind in a picturesque setting.

The main island of Viti Levu is home to the capital city of Suva, and offers a range of activities such as hiking, swimming, and water sports. The nearby islands, including the famous Mamanuca and Yasawa island groups are all short distances apart and only accessible by sea or air.

The Fiji Islands are also known for their rich culture and history, with many traditional Fijian villages and temples open to visitors. The Fijian people are known for their warm hospitality and visitors can experience traditional Fijian ceremonies, such as fire walking and meke dances. Famous for its stunning islands, reefs, beaches and rainforest, Fiji is a destination best explored by boat.

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Day 1

Denarau to Mamanuca Islands

Depart from the mainland and set sail towards the Mamanuca Islands. Anchor for the night at Monuriki Island, where the movie "Cast Away" was filmed. Monuriki is a small and secluded island, known for its natural beauty and the stunning marine life that surrounds.

See and Do:​
  • Take a walk around the island (approx 4 hours to do the entire island)

  • Have a beach picnic

  • Go snorkeling

  • Relax on the beach under the palm trees

Day 2

Malolo and Tavarua Islands

Depart Mamanuca and cruise to Malolo and Tavarua Islands. Enjoy a day of water activities, hiking or island exploring on Malolo Island, relaxing and taking in all the sights.

See and Do:​
  • Guided tour of the lush rainforest on Malolo Island

  • Relaxing walk around the islands coastline

  • Snorkelling

  • Lunch on the beach set up by your crew

  • Shopping on Malolo Island

Day 3

Malolo and Tavarua Islands

Enjoy a second day in Malolo, enjoying snorkeling, relaxing onboard and on the beautiful beaches, swimming and taking in the serenity of this idyllic Fijian location.

For the adventurers and surfers onboard, take a day trip by tender to Tavarua, a world class surf spot. Whether you're a surfer or not, this is a must-see activity to witness some of the most perfect waves in the world and impressive surfers hanging ten.

See and Do:​
  • Travel by boat to Tavarua, a world-class surf spot

  • Guided tour of the lush rainforest on Tavarua Island

  • Lunch on the beach set up by your crew

  • Have a surf lesson at Tavarua Island

Navadra and Vanua Islands beach
Navadra and Vanua Islands beach

Day 4

Navadra and Vanua Islands

Approximately 3 hours cruising and you'll arrive in Navadra and Vanua Islands, known for their stunning beaches, idyllic tropical aesthetic and vibrant marine life.

See and Do:​
  • Visit the local village

  • Visit the coral gardens and learn about coral gardening

  • Snorkelling the coral gardens

  • Relaxing on the beach

Day 5

Naviti Island

A short 1.5 hour cruise in the morning will have you at Naviti Island. A stunning island providing some of the best snorkeling in the world.

See and Do:​
  • Swim with manta-rays

  • Snorkel

  • Explore Naviti Island

  • Guided hike to the summit of the island where you can enjoy panoramic views of the islands

  • Picnic lunch on the beach

Day 6

The Blue Lagoon

Arrive at The Blue Lagoon, a popular tourist destination located on the island of Yasawa, in the Yasawa Island group. It's known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and beautiful coral reefs. Near the lagoon are the Sawa-i-lau caves, famous for the tunnel access and stunning blue waters.

See and Do:​
  • Take a guided snorkeling tour

  • Kayak or stand up paddleboard around the stunning lagoon

  • Enjoy a traditional Fijian cultural show

  • Explore the Sawa-i-lau caves

Day 7

Yasawa Island and Champagne Beach

Yasawa Island and Champagne Beach are a must-see in Fiji. Champagne Beach is famous for its stunning white sand crystal clear waters. Yasawa Island is an idyllic island where tourists can enjoy all the best that Fiji has to offer above and below the surface of the ocean.

See and Do:​
  • Take a guided hiking tour of Yasawa Island

  • Spend the day at Champagne Beach, known for its white sand and crystal clear waters

  • Snorkelling and fishing off Yasawa Island

Yasawa Island and Champagne Beach

Day 8

Arrive back at Denarau Marina

Spend your final day returning to one of your favourite islands or reefs before heading back to Denarau Marina to disembark.

See and Do:​
  • Relaxing morning walk on an island beach

  • Snorkelling and swimming

  • Relaxing onboard

Looking for more adventure?


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