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Refitting a yacht is a complex process that requires experienced experts to ensure its success. Ahoy Club has a strong track record in yacht refits and has successfully completed impressive refit projects on our own yachts including Coral Ocean and Mischief Yacht. We understand the intricacies of refit projects and can guide you throughout the process.

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The Famous Refit of Coral Ocean

Coral Ocean is a 73-meter luxury yacht owned and available for charter with Ahoy Club. Originally built in 1994, CORAL OCEAN has now undergone an amazing 35 million Euro rebuild, arguably making her one of the most opulent and iconic superyachts available for charter.The refit included an interior overhaul, mechanical system upgrades, and exterior enhancements. 


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The Full Refit of Mischief Yacht

Loved by Australia, Mischief Yacht has become an icon as the biggest yacht available for charter in Sydney Harbour. She was initially built in 2006 as a semi-displacement luxury yacht with an aluminum hull and superstructure. She underwent an extensive refit in 2020, which saw Ahoy Club undertake complete modifications to create a sleek and modern look.

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Our experience is our best asset.

Refitting a yacht involves extensively renovating and improving its systems, structure, and appearance. It can be done to update outdated features, enhance performance, and customize the yacht to your preferences. Elimiting risk in this process by chosing an experienced team is key to ensuring your result is of the highest standard.


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Relationships with Shipyards

We have established relationships with renowned shipyards globally, including many in Europe and Australia. These relationships can be valuable in securing favorable pricing, prioritized scheduling, and ensuring high-quality workmanship.



Project Management and Supervision

Our expertise extends to project management and supervision. We have in-depth knowledge of refit processes and can oversee every stage of the project, including planning, budgeting, procurement, and quality control. Our team will manage the timeline, budget, and ensure that the refit is carried out to your satisfaction.

Effective International Communication

Ahoy Club's experienced team can help overcome any potential language barrier issues when working with shipyards in Europe or other regions internationally. When overseeing your project we will be facilitating effective communication between you and the shipyard, ensuring that your preferences and requirements are understood perfectly and carried out correctly.

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Access to Skilled Contractors and Suppliers

Ahoy Club's network includes a range of skilled contractors, suppliers, and craftsmen who specialize in yacht refits. We will help source the right professionals for specific aspects of the refit, ensuring that your yacht receives expert attention and craftsmanship.

Shipyards & Builders

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