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Yacht Charters Arabian Gulf

Ultra-modern architecture and western lifestyle meets traditional culture and a story-filled history

Explore sand d’unes and souks in this rich, historic part of the world. A lush desert oasis, where you can enjoy the world’s fastest roller coaster, shop designer stores, and partake in an unforgettable race day on the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit.

Ideal weather: 18 – 25°C


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The ideal time to visit this spectacular part of the Middle East is between November – March when daytime temperatures sit between 24˚C – 29˚C. The months of May – September are often considered too hot with extreme daytime temperatures sitting between 39˚C and 44˚C.

Diving in the Arabian Gulf is exceptional so we recommend selecting a private yacht charter with an on-board divemaster, compressor and kit to take full advantage of the spectacular underwater world.


Relatively new on the private yacht charter scene, the excellent superyacht marinas of the Arabian Gulf also referred to as the Persian Gulf may surprise some. Many of the luxury yachts in this region are owned by locals and boast world-class facilities in prime locations with Abu Dhabi hosting one right next to the Grand Prix circuit. 

Framed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Gulf is the ultimate ‘off the beaten track’ getaway for superyacht aficionados. Chartering a private yacht here will have you discovering natural wonders, rich culture and one of the most affluent regions in the world.

The melting pot that is the Arabian Gulf is one of the most unique places to explore. Pristine natural islands sit alongside preserved sand d’unes while some of the world’s most extravagant dining venues are contrasted by bustling souks and intricate mosques. The Arabian Gulf is home to a juxtaposition like nowhere else. Here, you’ll find rich culture from the Bedouin, Arab and Islamic world’s layered with futuristic skyscrapers, high-end shopping and glamorous entertainment complexes. 

A city of permanent growth, Dubai is the most populous place in the United Arab Emirates. Adjacent to ingrained tradition sits buzzing nightlife, ultra-modern architecture and one of its most famous tourist attractions, the man-made Palm Island. 

Ideal for Europeans looking for a warm winter escape that doesn’t stray too far from home, the Arabian Gulf features spectacular diving sites. Natural reefs and off-shore shipwrecks have formed an underwater world that leaves little to the imagination. Nature lovers will stand in awe at the wreck sites and submerged ruins of the Red Sea, surrounded by vibrant marine mammals that call them home. 

Discover the magic of old Arabia in the sultanate of Oman; with its largely unspoiled beaches, quaint fishing villages, date palm groves and stunning old forts. However, the real gem might just be the water itself; clear, warm and bursting with sea life. 

Some of the world’s most expensive luxury yachts frame the coast of the Persian gulf so if quintessential opulence and film-like glitz is what you’re after, you’ll find an abundance of it here. Also boasting old-world culture, a visit to the old town of any city in the Arabian Gulf is a must. 

Dubai Museum is an excellent example of the discovery of tradition amid an ultra-modern metropolis. The museum is located in the city’s oldest building and showcases the past and present of the city, its progression into western culture and the atmosphere of what Dubai once was.


A luxury yacht escape in the Arabian Gulf wouldn’t be complete without soaking up the local culture and modern sights. Experience the view from the 124th floor of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa; and rub shoulders with the locals at any of the bright, colourful souks that populate the United Arab Emirates. Here you’ll find trinkets, spices, stunning jewellery, traditional clothing, hand-made shoes and anything else you can imagine. The atmosphere itself is the most alluring.

Immerse yourself in the deep-rooted traditions of Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Grand Mosque with its intricate carvings, detailed mosaics and 24-carat-gold chandeliers. Being one of the world’s largest mosques and most unique works of architectural art, you’ll get lost in the meticulous creations of its 82 domes, over 1,000 columns and extravagant hand-knotted carpets. 

One of its most visited sites, Dubai’s artificial palm-shaped island is known as the Eighth Wonder of the World and is we’ll worth a visit, with many travellers opting to skydive over the magnificent attraction. 

Chartering a yacht in the Arabian Gulf wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Saudi Arabia. Bursting with ancient history and traditional stories, this country should sit high on the bucket list for culture buffs. Discover the historical homes built from coral in Al-Balad and the hypnotising ancient ruins of Madain Saleh often considered a less-famous version of Jordan’s Petra. 

When most people think of the Arabian Gulf, they think of Dubai’s artificial islands, Abu Dhabi’s space-like towers and some of the most architecturally stunning cities built by man. Often overlooked are the natural wonders that reside in this corner of the Middle East. 

Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island is one of these natural wonders. Sporting 400 metres of protected sand d’unes, the clean white shores of this striking island sit just 500 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Floating elegantly in the cobalt blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Saadiyat Island is frequented by locals and travellers alike who want a taste of true barefoot luxury. This eco-conscious island encompasses experiential travel at its best; intertwining luxury and sustainability for the travellers who want to minimise their footprint while still experiencing opulence.

In Qatar, visit the extraordinary Al Thakira Mangroves an oasis in the midst of a hot, sandy desert. With its very own ecosystem, these mangroves are one of the most iconic spots to take a break from the desert heat. It’s recommended to rent a kayak and cruise through the mesmerising forest.

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