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Savour each Western Mediterranean country’s distinctive flavour of cuisine, culture and art. Relax in rustic towns and beautiful beaches in Europe’s sun-drenched playground.

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Luxury yacht chartering in the West Mediterranean is able to satisfy almost any appetite. It’s as if all the highlights of travelling have come together in one glamorous pocket of the world.

Think boutique-lined laneways for the dedicated fashionistas, hidden salsa bars for the culture addicts, pristine wine rooms for those who love a tipple and an endless array of water activities for the beach babes who simply enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures; being by the ocean.


For decades, the rich and famous have flocked to the star-studded shores of the West Mediterranean. From the old-world elegance of the French Riviera that has welcomed the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Picasso; to the grand clifftop villas of Malta that have played host to Madonna, Elton John, Brad Pitt and everyone in between; this grand part of the world is no ordinary holiday destination.

It’s simple. To charter a yacht in the West Mediterranean is to holiday like the A-list. Postcard-perfect islands dot the sea while superyachts adorn almost every port. Unspoiled archipelagos can be found among some of the world’s most frequented beaches; while breathtaking coastlines become home to the world’s most popular annual events. Rub shoulders with the crme de la crme at the Cannes Film Festival and experience an event to remember at Monaco Grand Prix.

The best way to see it all? Through private yacht hire that’ll take you where your heart desires. In fact, luxury yacht chartering is one of the only ways to explore some of the most enticing corners of the world you may otherwise be unable to reach. 

You’ll enjoy privileged access to some of the planet’s most prestigious destinations. From the azure island of Formenterawho’s unforgettable magic is often overlooked for its more popular sister island, Ibizato Corsica’s sparkling Bonifacio, literally translating to “pretty face”; the options are endless.

As the spiritual heart of luxury yacht chartering, the West Mediterranean is the holiday home of the who’s who; those who want to see and be seen. And why wouldn’t it be? As the world’s busiest superyacht destination you’ll find seemingly-endless harbours bordered by the finest restaurants, buzzing bars spilling out onto quaint cobbled streets and medieval castles perched atop jagged coastlines.  

Food lovers and culture aficionados can dock to do some on-land exploring. Whether it’s tasting your way around Barcelona’s tapas bars, strolling the historic halls of Malaga’s Picasso Museum or soaking up the grandeur of Malta’s UNESCO World Heritage temples; chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean is the way to see it all.


Spain’s Balearic Islands is one of the most diverse holiday destinations in the West Mediterranean. Ibiza hosts some of the world’s largest DJs in world-famous clubs and no matter what time of day (or night) you can always find a party. Mallorca boasts an enchanting mix of trendy restaurants, 13th-century Gothic cathedrals and an abundance of galleries and bars. The little gem of Menorca is often considered “low-key” in comparison to its neighbours, but the Pine tree-lined coast and rugged rock formations that jut into the turquoise waters, are sure to win anyone over.

Malta is for the adventurers at heart. Wedged between Sicily and the North African coast, the historic sites and spectacular churches alone are enough to keep the explorers busy. Combine that with wildlife-filled islands and blue grottos, and you have an ideal superyacht destination.

Being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, it is no surprise that Sardinia is one of this region’s most loved yacht charter go-to’s, with striking seafront caves awaiting exploration and footprint-free sands framing the water’s edge.   

Known as the “Perfumed Isle”, France’s mountainous island of Corsica is not for the faint-hearted. If you plan to step off the luxury yacht, you’ll be met by an abundance of hiking trails; all of which boast spectacular views that are we’ll worth the climb. With approximately half the island falling within a park, the beaches range from overcrowded to deserted. 

From the glitz of Cannes to the high-rollers of Monaco, a yacht charter around the French Riviera is one out of a film. The dreamy shores of St. Tropez glisten in the hot sun while the sky-high cliffs of Nice overlook dazzling horizons. Sailing the waters of the French Riviera on a superyacht is an experience that cannot be missed.

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