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Life is short and the world is wide.

Enlist a trusty professional crew and come aboard your Sardinia yacht charter. Sardinia is a western Mediterranean speciality packed with secluded beaches, beautiful motor yachts, shorelines ready for exploration, and caves fit for rock climbers. The protection from rough Atlantic waters combines with year-round summer to create a laid-back lifestyle amidst thousands of years of history. 

Ideal weather: 25 – 32°C


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8 - 11°C
8 - 11°C
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In Sardinia, you can find glamorous resorts just a short walk from medieval castles and villages, including Cagliari and Sassari.

Pristine sandy beaches and turquoise waters have attracted both modern sun worshippers and historic conquerers for centuries.

History buff? Check out Sardinia’s mysterious stone “nuraghe”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the Bronze Age, this defensive structure is the finest of its kind and unparalleled in the world.

A Mediterranean paradise, most of Sardinia’s jagged landscape is accessible by sea only. Cruise the Maddalena Archipelago National Park and Marine Reserve or the bays of Sardinia’s Emerald Coast.

Regardless of your itinerary, Sardinia offers magnificent dining, picturesque towns, superb snorkelling and boutique shopping.

Activities & Experiences

A luxury yacht charter gives you unparalleled access to the historic beauty of this coastline that has developed naturally over thousands of years. From its humble beginnings to its modern stature, large swaths of Sardinia’s shoreline have achieved national park status that provides a one-of-a-kind natural playground. 

Yachters have taken advantage of this stunning coastline for decades as one of Europe’s best chartering destinations. Travellers from across the world head onto these holy waters to soak it all in. 

The healing powers of these waters aren’t just the stuff of legend – this island supports one of the longest lifespans on earth. As one of the planet’s five recognized blue zones, there are almost ten times more centenarians per capita on this Mediterranean oasis than in the U.S. 

The fountain of youth hasn’t been discovered ashore yet, but Sardinians credit a rich diet, plenty of sunlight, and a few glasses of high-quality wine grown on the island’s shores as the secret to their longevity. 

Your sailing adventure will bring that longevity aboard and allow you to sample the best these islands have to offer. Enjoy a fresh catch, fine dining, and exquisite beaches across thousands of kilometres of beautiful coastline. 

Sardinia’s anchorages are teeming with saltwater life. You can catch your dinner or sample fresh meats and produce harvested with a hyperlocal focus. Divers, snorkelers, fishers, and watersports enthusiasts will each have their favourite stop along the island’s natural curves. This natural spectacle creates a trip like no other. 

The freedom we feel setting sail is only the beginning of your journey. There is no better way to explore Sardinia than on a personally cultivated luxury yacht charter. You set the itinerary and menu, and you’ll have the full attention of your yacht’s crew, who fancy themselves as local experts. 

Aboard your boat, your captain can show you the coves reserved for the locals and map out your expedition to make sure you can see it all. With so many islets and even a channel between Corsica and Sardinia, yachting is a no-brainer if you want to make the most out of your Sardinian vacation. 

Everything you need to enjoy your yacht charter will be waiting for you on board. Sardinia is known for its snorkelling, diving, and watersports. 

Here are some of our favourite stops to take when exploring Sardinia. There is something for everyone in this Mediterranean heaven, so all that’s left to do is map out your dream vacation.

The comfortable passage provided by the Tyrrhenian Sea makes sailing between Sardinia and Corsica a breeze and allows you to spend time exploring each island. Whether you want to reach new depths while scuba diving, taking the jet skis out for a romp, or meander through private beaches, Ahoy Club can take you there. 

We’ll cover our favourite beaches, anchorages, and lunch spots along the southern edge of Corsica and Northern Sardinia, so you can start mapping out your route.

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