The Famous Refit of Coral Ocean

Undertaking a €35M Refit

Known for its historical significance and innovative design, CORAL OCEAN underwent a significant refit under the ownership of Ahoy Club. The project involved transforming the yacht's original Jon Bannenberg interior and updating various features to meet modern standards. This ambitious undertaking required a knowledgeable and experienced team to ensure a successful outcome.


To achieve the desired transformation of CORAL OCEAN, Ahoy Club collaborated with renowned design firm H2 Yacht Design. Together, we developed an ambitious plan to gut and rebuild two and a half levels of the upper deck, adding approximately 150GT to the yacht's volume. This collaboration allowed Ahoy Club to leverage the expertise of H2 Yacht Design in creating a modern and stylish interior while preserving the yacht's iconic features.


Complete Project Management

Ahoy Club's team showcased their expertise in project management by offering a comprehensive approach to overseeing the refit of Coral Ocean. Through arefully planned every aspect of the project, from selecting the shipyard to managing subcontractors and adhering to timelines. Led by build captain Will Kaye, their team successfully coordinated over 100 contractors, ensuring seamless integration and completion of the project within the specified timeframe.

Attention to Detail

Working with Ahoy Club means leaving no stone unturned in enhancing the yacht's comfort and aesthetics. The yellow-colored hull was replaced with a clean white finish, giving Coral Ocean a fresh and modern appearance. Ahoy Club also paid meticulous attention to storage solutions, adding dedicated cabinets and workstations without compromising guest areas. These details significantly contribute to the overall guest experience and set Ahoy Club apart in overseeing refit projects.

Ensuring Quality Service

We understand that successful charter yacht experiences depend not only on design and aesthetics but also on exceptional service. As a result, the refit process incorporated enhancements to cater to crew operations and guest service. The design modifications included dedicated storage spaces and improved crew accommodations to ensure efficient operations while maintaining guest comfort. 

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