The Ultimate Gold Coast Charter Itinerary

Gold Coast charters are filled with magical destinations of endless beaches, a relaxed atmosphere and stunning sunsets over beautiful landscapes. A yacht charter is the ideal way to explore the east coast of Australia as it gives you your own private base to explore without being subjected to the crowds. 

If you’re ready for some fun in the sun on your next charter trip, then here’s a guide to the ultimate Gold Coast itinerary. 

Gold Coast travel luxury yacht

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a long stretch of land that runs from the New South Wales border of Australia almost up to Brisbane. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and sees millions of tourists every year. 

If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy complete privacy, then you need to think about a Gold Coast yacht charter with Ahoy Club. This will allow you to enjoy the water sports, amazing nightlife, great foodie scene, and theme parks that the Gold Coast is famous for ad once you’re done sampling everything that the Gold Coast has to offer, you can retire to your private yacht and get ready for your next day of adventure.

Gold Coast travel luxury yacht

Moreton Island

Located about 40km off the coast of Brisbane, Moreton Island has something for everyone. This popular island is surprisingly untouched because around 98% of the island is occupied by the Moreton Island National Park, leaving endless stretches of natural areas to explore. 

Moreton Island is a popular stop for Gold Coast charters for its variety. It has endless stretches of white sand beaches along one side, ideal for surfing and swimming, and a more sheltered and relaxed western side. 

While you’re on Moreton Island, take the chance to feed the friendly, bottlenose dolphins, dive or snorkel around the Tangalooma Wrecks, and watch the sun go down over the water from the deck of your luxury yacht.

Gold Coast travel luxury yacht


Noosa is part of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane and known for its surfing breaks, its refined dining and shopping scenes, and its nature experiences. This part of Australia is so beautiful that it doesn’t look real, which is why it has to be on the itinerary for your Gold Coast charter. 

If you enjoy getting out in nature, then you can explore Noosa National Park, go swimming with humpback whales, or do water sports in the pristine waters. For a more relaxing time, enjoy playing a round of golf at one of Noosa’s world-class golf courses. 

And once the sun goes down, the yacht will depart up the coast whilst the crew serve the luxurious dinner complete with delicious local produce. 

Rainbow Beach

While you’re visiting Noosa during your yacht charter, you should also make a stop at Rainbow Beach. This small coastal town is in Queensland’s southeast corner, just a short hop from Noosa.

Rainbow Beach is a dream beach destination, with pristine white sands and clear water. While you’re there, make sure you watch the sunset from Carlo Sand Blow, a moon shaped sand dune, and go surfing at Double Island Point.

Gold Coast travel luxury yacht

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a small town that ordinarily wouldn’t get much attention but this all changed in whale watching season. Hervey Bay is a natural bay between Australia’s mainland and Fraser Island, north of Brisbane. This protected area sees thousands of humpbacks every year between the months of July and November. 

Hervey Bay is a must-see on Gold Coast charters because of this yearly whale migration. So, make sure you keep an eye out! If you visit at a different time of year, then you’ll still enjoy the quiet, protected waters of Hervey’s Bay’s golden sand beaches, perfect for kids or people who aren’t strong swimmers. 

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, also known as K’gari, is just off Australia’s east coast and about 200km north of Brisbane. It’s the largest sand island in the world and boasts absolutely exceptional natural beauty. 

Dense stretches of rainforest, shifting sand dunes, freshwater dune lakes, and colourful sand cliffs, this island has stunning sights wherever you turn. Its beauty and the uniqueness of the landscape is why Fraser Island was listed as a World Heritage site UNESCO in 1992. 

While you’re on Fraser Island, go swimming at the beaches or creeks, watch the sunrise at Eurong Beach, and take in the views of humpbacks passing by at Indian Head.

Gold Coast travel luxury yacht

Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island is a small oasis, nestled in the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and just 52km from the town of Bundaberg. This tiny coral cay is surrounded by a vast reef that’s teeming with life and colour.

Many travellers dream of visiting the Great Barrier Reef and Lady Musgrave Island is a good way to realise that dream. It’s located in a protected lagoon and is mostly untouched, so the snorkelling and diving are spectacular. The island also boasts a wide variety of marine life to see and experience as well as an isolated, secluded vibe that’s perfect for your yacht charter trip. 


You may not have  heard of Gladstone and yet it’s the perfect end to Gold Coast charters. Located north of Brisbane by road, this coastal town is ideal for anyone who wants more adventures on the water. 

With amazing swimming, snorkelling, surfing, and access to the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, Gladstone is the ideal jumping off point for adventures up and down the coast. While you’re there, take the chance to swim with turtles, see turtle hatchlings at the Deepwater National Park, and enjoy the town’s burgeoning food and craft beer scene. 

Discover The Gold Coast In Luxury

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