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Australia is an island surrounded by incredible oceans. That’s why most of the best spots are right alongside the coastline and easy to explore from the luxurious base of your private yacht. There are numerous areas that you can explore on a yacht chartered in Australia. Chartering a yacht gives you the chance to enjoy Australia’s famous outdoors, lots of water activities, great food, incredible marine life and vast coastlines.

So, if you’re ready for your adventure in Australia, then here’s a list of the top 10 Australian oceanside gems you should explore. 

1. Cairns 

Located in far north Queensland, Cairns is a small town that gets a lot of attention. Most of that attention is because of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world and it offers the best diving on the planet. 

From Cairns, cruise out to the reef or one of the many islands to enjoy snorkelling and diving. But, don’t forget to explore on land as well. Just northwest of Cairns is Kuranda, a picturesque little mountain town set in the middle of some of the most beautiful rolling green hills imaginable, and well worth leaving the ocean to see.

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2. Noosa

Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, Noosa is a great stop for any yacht charter in Australia. Beautiful, sunny, and known for its incredible food and shopping scenes, Noosa is a beach destination for social travellers who want it all. 

While you’re in Noosa, you can go surfing, snorkelling, and enjoy the many local festivals. Or, relax onboard and have the day spa come to you, go shopping on Hastings Street, and then enjoy the bays and coves of Noosa National Park. 

3. Hamilton Island 

Located in the famous Whitsundays Islands off the coast of Queensland, Hamilton Island is the best choice for lovers of luxury, with amazing food and shopping, as well as outdoor activities. 

Hamilton Island is known for its water sports, and you can try everything from snorkelling to wakeboarding there. It also offers a range of land activities like trekking up Passage Peak, a round of golf or dine  Basically, this island will keep you busy for days during your yacht charter in Australia with the wide selection of activities on offer.

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4. Port Stephens 

Port Stephens offers rolling sand dunes, beautiful beaches and sparkling waters for watersports and diving. If you want to get out in nature, there’s an abundance of options for you. Feeling peckish after a day of activities? Dine at the beach-chic Shoal Bay Country Club or the elegant Rick Stein restaurant. 

5. Gold Coast 

The Gold Coast has everything you could want to do, see, or eat on a yacht charter in Australia. Located on Australia’s east coast, south of Brisbane, this world-famous destination is known for its golden sand beaches and theme parks. If you want to surf, swim, snorkel, or jet ski using the watertoys on your luxury yacht, then this is the place for it. 

The Gold Coast offers a lot more than just beaches. It has a rapidly emerging food scene, great shopping, and a subtropical hinterland filled with ancient gorges, bushlands, waterfalls, and some of Australia’s most beloved wildlife.  

6. Moreton Island

Moreton Island is a favourite among the locals. This is where Australians go when they need an island break from the city and modern life. Moreton Island is about an hour from Brisbane and it’s a small island that’s home to the Tangalooma Wrecks. Originally created as a breakwater, the Tangalooma Wrecks are a collection of sunken vessels that have become a busy and vibrant home for the local marine life. 

You can swim, dive, snorkel, or kayak around the wrecks and take in the fish and other marine life. And once you’re tired from all that, you can go sandboarding on the Big Sand Dunes or feed the dolphins off the island. If you’re on the island in the right season, you may even see a whale cruise by during your explorations.

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7. Hook Island 

Hook Island is located in the Whitsundays, just like Hamilton Island, but it couldn’t be more different. It’s more secluded and untouched and known more for its national parks, bush walks, and dive sites than for its luxury amenities. That’s why exploring it via a luxury yacht as your base is such a good idea! 

Hook Island is mostly uninhabited, so you’re free to use your time as you please. You can go fishing, jump in the water for a quick swim, or take a hike in a nearby forest. Then, you can retreat to your yacht to cool off and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature at its best.

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8. Palm Beach 

Located about north of Sydney, Palm Beach is the ideal beach destination away from the busyness of city life. It offers crystal waters perfect for surfing, snorkelling, and diving, as well as a golf course, kayaking tours, and popular eating spots where you can have your meal overlooking the ocean. 

9. Rottnest Island

Whilst the east coast of Australia is incredible, Western Australia offers remarkable scenery, rugged landscapes and quiet beaches with white sand. The capital of WA is Perth, Australia’s largest state and it provides plenty of sunshine, incredible marine life and dramatic scenery. Off the coast of Perth, there’s a well-known island called Rottnest Island where the friendliest animal in the world lives – the Quokka. Explore remote hidden bays, have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters, spot dolphins or dive below the surface and explore the marine life below. Western Australia offers lots of activities during a charter.

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10. Sydney

Sydney’s beautiful harbour is known around the world. Known for the iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and New Year’s Eve fireworks, Sydney is a yachting playground. Spend a day sailing around Sydney Harbour discovering the endless beaches and bays—including Camp Cove, Parsley Bay, Kutti Beach and so many more more. This city balances nature and the modern world almost perfectly and it’s a vibrant city that attracts travellers from all over the globe.

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Explore Australia in Luxury

If you want to enjoy the beach, chase the sunshine all year round , and explore amazing coastline destinations, then you should make your next holiday a yacht charter in Australia. This will give you the chance to experience dream destinations, all from the comfort and privacy of a luxury yacht. 

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