Emerging Trends in the Yachting Industry to Look Out for in 2024

Like many luxury sectors, the superyacht industry is no stranger to ever changing trends. These can be influenced heavily by technological advancements, consumer demand, economic conditions and global events. Understanding emerging trends can provide valuable insights into market demand, design preferences, sustainability initiatives, and more. Whether you're a designer, engineer, investor, or yachting enthusiast, staying informed about industry trends can help you identify opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve. We’ve analysed findings from industry experts to curate a list of emerging trends that you can expect to see a lot of this year.

mischief interior
1. Customization and Personalization:

Now more than ever, owners are seeking one-of-a-kind interior designs that reflect their personal style and preferences. Through collaborations with top-tier interior designers and architects, more superyachts are being produced or refitted with bespoke living spaces. Integration of art and sculptures as focal points within the yacht's interior is becoming more common. Owners are looking for ways to infuse their yachts with a sense of luxury and individuality through carefully curated art collections.

This trend is evident all throughout superyacht MISCHIEF - filled with striking artwork of Hollywood stars, music icons, and fashion icons in her entertaining areas. This attention to detail in her interior decorations creates an atmosphere for guests that sets her apart amongst available charter yachts.

This level of customisation extends to private areas, such as master suites and private lounges. Owners are needing these spaces to be not only luxurious but also tailored to their specific needs, whether it be a dedicated office, a private cinema, or a custom-designed wardrobe.

coral ocean gym
2. Wellness and Lifestyle Amenities:

Yachts are increasingly incorporating full-service spas with professional therapists and wellness programs. Gyms equipped with the latest fitness technology are becoming standard, catering to owners and guests who prioritise health and well-being. CORAL OCEAN Mega Yacht is one such yacht that has been designed with these amenities at the forefront - with onboard spas, reformer Pilates machines and massage parlor

The focus on wellness extended to the yacht's culinary offerings, with private chefs specialising in nutritious and gourmet, yet health-conscious, cuisine. Farm-to-table concepts and locally sourced ingredients are gaining popularity in the Mediterranean, and yachts for charter are frequently advertising their fresh food offerings as a way to stand out amongst competition.

Yachts are more often designed with ample outdoor spaces for activities such as yoga, meditation, and other fitness activities. Some yachts include innovative features like retractable swimming pools or floating platforms for water-based workouts.

arctic p
3. Exploration Yachts

Explorer yachts, once niche, are now at the forefront of yachting trends. They are characterised by robust and durable construction, capable of navigating challenging waters. Ice-class hulls and reinforced structures are common features to ensure safety during long-distance expeditions. IYC Sales Consultant and Managing Partner, Matthew Stone, summarises this emerging trend in saying “The desire to be in congested ports is becoming less appealing, with an increased appetite for remote destinations, and autonomy, impacting the client's needs and expectations of the yacht's capabilities. This has led to an all-time high of explorer yachts in-build and on order”.

These yachts are equipped with advanced propulsion systems and increased fuel capacity for extended autonomy. This allows owners to explore remote destinations such as Alaska, Papua New Guinea, or the Arctic without the need for frequent refuelling.

Amongst some of the most famous explorer yachts available for charter is the impressive 87m Superyacht ARCTIC P. With a seven-metre draught – she’s incredibly sturdy. She was originally designed to rescue boats due to her ice capacity and ability to glide through icebergs in remote areas. Now available for charter, ARCTIC P can sleep up to 12 guests in seven suites plus 28 crew. Alongside dining and relaxation spaces, she has a beach club, a gym and a cinema.

4. Sustainable Materials

The use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials is steadily gaining traction. From recycled wood to energy-efficient lighting, yacht designers are incorporating environmentally conscious elements into their designs.

International yacht shows are also increasingly emphasising sustainability, reflecting the broader trend within the yachting industry. This included efforts to reduce the environmental impact of events, promote eco-friendly practices, and showcase yachts with innovative green technologies.

5. Virtual Inspections

High-quality virtual tours and videos became popular marketing tools. Yacht builders and brokers have begun creating virtual showrooms and 3D tours, enabling potential buyers to explore yachts remotely. Virtual boat shows have successfully allowed for global participation without the need for physical travel as they are integrated with advanced technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), to enhance the online experience. Live-streamed events and webinars are becoming increasingly more common during boat shows, featuring yacht presentations, industry discussions, and interviews with experts. This allowed for real-time engagement with a global audience.

With new yachts being built globally every year, the dynamics of the yachting industry are continually evolving, and new developments constantly appearing as the industry grows.

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