Discover unchartered waters - bespoke destinations only accessible by yacht

Discover unchartered waters – bespoke destinations only accessible by yacht.

A yacht trip gives a wonderful feeling of inner freedom and allows you to discover new places that are difficult and sometimes impossible to reach in other ways. To go on a sailing adventure you need determination, because there is always a certain amount of suspense. In this article, Ahoy Club gathers 5 wonderful places that you can enjoy completely only on a yacht.

Canary Islands


The volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic may be one of your favourite places to travel, but traveling on your own in the Canary Islands is difficult and not enough to see in one visit. Yachting is the only transport to visit on all the main islands in one week.

Lanzarote is one of the most amazing and exotic Canary Islands. A desert covered with black solidified lava and crystal turquoise water. Stones, plants, the play of light – contrasts are combined in unique landscapes. Lanzarote is called the “Martian” island: they make films about planets on which life has not yet arisen. The island received such landscapes due to strong volcanic eruptions. In Lanzarote, you can find a huge number of colors: dark ocher mountains, black sand, a green lake and a bright red crater.

On the island of La Gomera, one strolls through the terraced gardens where local wine is grown, along the deserted streets of the city and black beaches. You can drive around the island in a day. It is worth stopping by, for example, to take a break from the nearby bustling Tenerife. La Gomera creates an atmosphere of comfort and unhurried life.

Fuerteventura is the sandiest island of the Canary Archipelago. Long beaches, strong waves and good wind are a paradise for surfing. Fuerteventura has significantly more goats than residents. They are a symbol of the island. Fuerteventura was once famous for its dense forests, but Europeans cut down all the trees and built them ships. Now the island resembles one huge beautiful beach.



The most beautiful thing about yachting in Thailand is the opportunity to come close to thousands of beautiful uninhabited islands. The opportunity to meet sunsets and sunrises, swaying on the waves, as well as dive in the open sea and explore the most beautiful bright tropical fish. If you remember the islands of Phi Phi, which starred the famous “Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, now there are crowds of tourists, but here’s the charm – on a boat one can approach them early in the morning, while no one is there.

Another great place to go is the Similan Islands – 11 uninhabited islands near Phuket. Bizarre cliffs and deserted beaches with snow-white coral sand.

Faroe Islands


A large green wall, sharply descending into the ocean, fjords, lakes, bright lighthouses and waterfalls – you can endlessly enjoy such landscapes. They come to the Faroe Islands for the sake of amazing, incomparable beauty. Most islands can still only be reached by boat or helicopter.

One of the most interesting islands of the archipelago is Ostroy. In the local village of Dzhegv, it’s like you get into another world: small streets, tiny houses, the population is only 49 people. There is also located the highest mountain of the archipelago – Slattaratinindur and the largest fjord – Skolafjord. To feel the contrast with the green hills, go to the dunes – they can be found on the Sandoy Islands.



Volcanoes and glaciers, geysers and boiling hot springs, snow-capped peaks and huge lava fields, the landscapes of Mars and the Moon are the harsh beauty of the icy country. There are no tourists on the beaches, and not a single surfer can be found in the water.

There are three islands in Iceland that can only be reached by boat. Each island has its own national park – Snaifölsjökull, Vatnajökull and Tingvellir. There are narrow sea bays surrounded by rocky shores, a huge number of rare birds and geysers. By the way, Iceland has the largest number of geysers in the world – more than 7 thousand hot springs.

Lofoten Islands


Lofoten is the pearl of northern Norway. Rocky fjords, the Norwegian Sea, whales and killer whales, almost no sun setting over the horizon and unique red houses of local residents. On these islands, the comfortable yachting season lasts from April to August.

On the islands there is an amazing natural phenomenon – the Moskstraumen vortex. Beautiful cliffs fall steeply into the water, melt lakes with clear turquoise water, which reflects the blue sky – the nature of the Lofoten Islands is beautiful and unforgettable. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, the climate on Lofoten is much milder than in other parts of the planet at the same latitude – it looks like an ideal northern sailing trip.