Cruising Croatia

Cruising Croatia

Croatia owns 1,777 km of the Adriatic coast, among which 1,185 different islands are scattered around, resulting in the huge popularity of this area among yachtsmen. The Adriatic coast is rich in beaches, natural harbours with countless bays, ports and marinas. Nowadays yachting enthusiasts travel to Croatia not only from all over Europe but also from all over the world. Thousands of ports can be visited in this region, many of which are well equipped for all types of water tourism. Here you rent a yacht at any time of the year. Ahoy Clubs Concierge will help you to find the best solution for your luxury yacht charter in Croatia, at the most reasonable price.

We advise you to start your trip from Dubrovnik. This ancient fortress has retained the mystery and charm of the magical antiquity. Adriatic waves beating against high walls, bright roofs of toy houses, the light of magnificent street lamps in romantic bays … The rest here will be a romantic gift for couples and an interesting adventure for young people and older people.

Poreč is another urban miracle of Croatia, attracting not only tourists but also artists. There are constantly held various creative festivals, and on the streets, you can often hear inspired music or poetry reading. The green beaches of Porec are no less elegant and picturesque than the city itself.

Many other beaches can be found on the island of Istria, as well as in South and Middle Dalmatia. Somewhere stony beaches, somewhere – pebble. Sandy places are not often found in Croatia, but each of them is a genuine work of art, with the famous beaches on the islands – Korcula, Moru and Zadar. It is also highly recommended to visit the resort of Split, which is famous all over Europe for its clean sea.

Travelling among the beaches, do not forget to check Croatian restaurants and taverns, which are called Konobe in the local language. There, you will discover the enchanting tastes of the Adriatic cuisine: delicious stewed cabbage, soup Juha, sheep cheese, baked fish in various ways, shrimps, shells and other seafood, along with prshut – smoked ham on the coals, dried on the sea wind.

Finish your meal in sweet colours: try Croatian cakes and pastries, chestnuts, courgettes, cookies, and even local brushwood. Excellent with these treats combine different wines, especially red ones – they often come to the counters and tables straight from the hot Istrian.