Catamarans to Charter in the Caribbean - Find the Perfect One for You

What comes to mind when you think about the Caribbean Islands? Is it picture-perfect island life with days spent exploring white sandy beaches and sipping rum, while watching the sunset? Or, is it dancing all night in a place known for its tropical nightlife and casinos like the U.S Virgin Islands? All of this and more can be yours on a perfect week away onboard the deck of your private, luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is undoubtedly the ideal region for yacht chartering all year-round. Even in winter, reaching its peak in January, the average daytime temperature rarely dips below 25 degrees. As a large region of 12 independent countries separated by swaths of shifting azure and emerald waters combined with year round sunshine, a yacht is a no-brainer for taking it all in pure luxury.

To help you decide what Caribbean yacht charter is best for your island-hopping adventure to these paradisiacal locales, let’s take a look at the luxury range available at Ahoy Club.


Yes,FREEDOM. That’s what you’ll get aboard the aptly named sailing yacht, perfectly designed for up to 6 guests during your Caribbean yacht charter experience. Picture this – sailing down the coasts of Key Cay at 8 nautical miles an hour to an isle with one of the most incredible coral reefs you’ll ever see in your life. 

The best part? Aboard FREEDOM, you’ll have more than enough complimentary toys to help you take in life on the water at this secluded area – stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, fishing and snorkeling gear, and more. It’s the perfect charter for a combination of pure bliss and entertainment.

The Perfect Charter Experience Onboard Freedom


At a size of 15m (50ft), DEVINE SAILING floats just a bit larger than FREEDOM; and because of this, she also accommodates a few extra people with a maximum capacity of 10 guests in 6 separate cabins. If you’ve got a larger group of friends who want to have an amazing time relaxing on a Caribbean yacht charter, then look no further. 

DEVINE SAILING is an excellent choice for enjoying the sites of the Winward Islands. An all-inclusive trip could have you going to places like the gorgeous St. Lucia, the “Billionaire’s Island” of Mustique, or the natural wonders of Mayreau. At no point do you ever have to worry about what to eat or how to entertain. When you’re chartering with Ahoy Club, everything you need is onboard your Caribbean yacht charter.

Utimate Charter Experience Devine Sailing Yacht


Let your hair down, splash and frolic in the crystal clear turquoise waters, and live the idyllic sail boating lifestyle of your dreams aboard LIQUID ZEN. As one of the newer vessels – built just this past year of 2021 and ranked as one of the fastest yachts available, you’ll definitely be in a league of your own as you slice through the waves like no one else. 

LIQUID ZEN is the Caribbean yacht charter you’ll want during peak season, not only to beat the crowds on land that are around but to explore hidden bays. With her shallow draft, you’ll be able to cruise in closer to land than if you chartered a motor yacht.


Montserrat, otherwise known as the “Emerald Island of the Caribbean,” is yours to conquer onboard RELENTLESS II. This small island is teeming with lush wildlife; rare plants and animals that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. With RELENTLESS II’s incredibly open deck design, you can always feel like you’re a part of it all.

RELENETLESS II can accommodate up to eight guests in four beautifully appointed cabins – perfect for couples or two families looking to escape. Spend sunrise to sunset taking in the wonders of nature, then spend the night relaxing on the aft deck, watching the sun set whilst enjoy some alfresco dining.

Magical Blue Waters Sail Caribbean


Sailing in luxury, is there anything that compares? Not in the Caribbean! Whether you’re heading to Havana to see the Cuban bar brought to fame by Ernest Hemingway or discovering the best, sparkling beaches of the region in Barbados, you’ll want a private home base that inspires you to catch more wind in your sails and set off to the next destination. 

CYGNUS CYGNUS is the obvious choice for a Caribbean yacht charter, and it’s one that’ll keep you coming back not just for its impressive looks, but its fantastic amenities on board as well. Take in the Caribbean and all of its natural wonders throughout the day, and swing peacefully wrapped up in one of CYGNUS CYGNUS’s many hammocks until you drift off to sleep.

Beautiful White Spacious Catamaran Cygnus Cygnus


With a name like that, you know this Caribbean yacht charter is going to be the focal point of an incredibly good time in paradise. ISLAND KISSES is ideal for a mid-sized family gathering, as it fits up to eight occupants in four separate rooms. However, she also includes plenty of indoor and outdoor space, so all of the guests taking part in your Caribbean adventure can decide where they’d like to spend their time.

Whether you happen to be near land, or anchored off an uncharted, secluded point, your luxury yacht is and always will be your privately hosted dining experience, with degustation dinners prepared by your personal chef on demand, catered to your every desire.

Enjoy Spacious Five Star Dining Onboard Island Kisses


If you’ve got a lot of family members who all want a taste of the Caribbean yacht charter magic, but will also need their own personal space at times, look no further than CHRISTINA TOO. With two decks inbuilt, there is plenty of space onboard for everyone to relax and unwind.

If you’re seeking a little adventure, onboard you’ll find plenty of water toys so don’t be surprised if you don’t set foot on land during your charter. CHRISTINA TOO offers an array of toys for all the group along with a tender included.

Perfect Yacht Charter With Water Toys

Your Perfect Charter Awaits

There are tonnes to consider when trying to decide the best Caribbean yacht charter for you. Tropical destinations that should be on your list, experiences to have on and off-island, and choosing a plan that allows everything to go off without a hitch – all of it is possible with the 24/7 Ahoy Club Experience Team.

Our team of experts are always available to personally tailor itineraries to suit your needs and make sure your entire Caribbean yacht charter experience is absolutely phenomenal. When you hire a yacht charter through Ahoy Club, you can enjoy the ideal mix of privacy and luxury along with the assistance and advice of an expert team to plan the perfect trip for you.
Enquire today and start planning your next adventure!

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