Ahoy Club Officially Launches Yacht Sales Division

Ahoy Club officially sells 37.92m (124ft) Tansu, MY SO’MAR with an asking price of €7,900,000, days after they formally announce their expansion into Yacht Sales.

The fastest-growing yacht charter company, Ahoy Club has officially announced its expansion into Yacht Sales followed by the sale of award-winning superyacht SO’MAR days later with an additional 5 vessels exclusively under their Sales Central Agency, including the impressive 72.6m QUANTUM OF SOLACE built by Turquoise Yachts asking €56,400,000. The announcement comes with some large visions shared by CEO, Ellie Malouf, and the opening of a new office in Monaco with a new global team.

Ahoy Club, led by CEO, Ellie Malouf shares her inspirational vision for what she calls ‘a natural expansion’ into Yacht Sales. “Yacht sales is a natural extension to bring what's been so successful for Ahoy Club in the charter market which is, great customer service, great technology & systems, the widest selection globally, transparent pricing, and a strong female presence. Our vision for Ahoy is to connect the world with the water, and to make Chartering and Owning a Yacht a wonderful experience. The ‘yacht lovers’ journey starts in many ways, however, one of the most common normally starts with a short-term local charter, often followed into a week-long charter in the Mediterranean or Caribbean, all the way through to purchasing their first yacht and hiring their own full-time crew. To finally managing their first refit, or rebuild, and then selling their vessel, only to eventually start all over again!”

Ahoy Club are no stranger to this process, with Founder and Managing Director, Ian Malouf personally following a similar journey with his current ownership of ten yachts. From chartering, managing, refitting, relocating, and rebuilding, the business is excited to share the wealth of knowledge and experience they have with this newly created division. “We’re excited for this new venture and believe this will only strengthen our positioning in the market.” Mr Malouf explains “Offering a complete end-to-end yachting service is our vision. We’ve always believed in providing best-in-class service to our clients that rightly so, expect the best. Whether it’s charting a motor yacht for the week, or buying their first private yacht, we think of everything that is important to our customers or guests. Every consumer is different and has different end goals. We’re excited to bring the service we’re known for to the sales landscape and continue to differentiate and innovate.”

The launch of Ahoy Club’s completely rebuilt mega yacht, CORAL OCEAN is a perfect example of knowing how to manage and navigate the sales process with the clients’ end-goal in mind. “CORAL OCEAN was completely booked out for her first charter season in the Mediterranean this year, and that’s exactly what I wanted.” Mr Malouf added. “She is the 7th yacht I’ve purchased, and every yacht has had a different purpose for me, so I’ve had to make choices depending on my end-goal as an owner. From creating a vessel that remains iconic, but benefits both business and me as an owner wasn’t easy to navigate. I’ve done this many times now which means I’m an expert in the process, but I also know what to look for and what to stay away from to really ensure your vision as an owner is met. We’re excited to be part of many others owners’ buying and selling journeys now too.”

Joining the Ahoy Club Yacht Sales team, to add to the impressive expertise includes well-known global Yacht Sales Broker, Peter Thompson as their Global Sales Director. Peter is ranked amongst the world’s most successful sales brokers and has been a front-runner in several large yacht brokerages for over 17 years and prior to that was a well-known captain and owner’s representative for over 25 years.


Peter has led the team that successfully sold SO’MAR under the newly developed Ahoy Club sales arm. SO’MAR is an award winning and unique superyacht currently based in Turkey. Whilst she’s available for charter throughout the Mediterranean, she can take longer charters and explore lesser-known locations due to her due to her robust explorer yacht design. Her asking price was €7,900,000 and sold within days of launching the sales arm of Ahoy Club.

Julia Simpson also joins the Ahoy Club team as their new Commercial Director. With a career in yachting spanning over 16 years, Julia directs Ahoy Clubs’ commercial division. With a wealth of experience in selling, chartering, and marketing superyachts globally since 2006.

Combined, the new global team established by Ahoy Club brings over 40 years’ experience in yacht sales, with over 70 yachts sold globally and transacted over €1 billion worth of sales.