Ahoy Club Interview with The YachtGuy

Ahoy Club Interview with The YachtGuy

What do you think of Ahoy Club and moving the industry into the digital era?

This is a great question, it has been the topic of conversation on several occasions and we always come to the same conclusion – change is going to happen you just have to ready for it when it does. Barnes & Noble reigned supreme as a book store super power, until Amazon came along and changed the way people brought books. In the beginning Amazon was nothing but a pest and they were ignored, then came the big push to shut Amazon down – but by that time Jeff Bezos had proven his model works and we are now in an Amazon world with Barnes & Noble just struggling to hold on. This may be the scenario that plays out for some big yachting industry brands that refuse to see the signs of change coming. I think Ahoy Club is on the same path of innovation, if not Ahoy Club now-  it would be someone else in the near future. Already a few smaller brands have popped up trying to copy the formula. 

What trends do you see upcoming in the industry?

I like to think the industry is really finally letting go of trying to sell their products directly and has given in to the idea that selling the lifestyle or dream are what clients gravitate towards. The old pitch of “The all new QZ500 yacht is better…blah blah blah” has been replaced with pictures and videos of families actually enjoying the QZ500 so that the people seeing this content feel the need or want to be there which in turn results in more sales.

Having met some of the Ahoy Club Concierge team, how would you describe their energy and service?

If anyone knows me, my favourite thing to do is smile or have a reason to smile. I love people that are positive, outgoing and not stuffy. I think the Ahoy Family brings that fun attitude to what they do and this culture of enjoying your time working, passes on to the Ahoy Club clients on both ends. Keep up the good work and keep spreading that positive vibe, it’s really refreshing to see.

Which destinations do you recommend for the rest of the year?

It’s November, so the Med season is just about over, Time to head to the Caribbean. Saint Barth’s, The BVI… that whole area there is a treasure. Turquoise waters in the Exumas, shopping on the islands with a quick stop in either Miami or Cuba. I’d have to say go west. 

What’s your dream yacht?

Oh my, so many to choose from. I don’t want to name one in particular, but if I could have a yacht – it would be in the 250ft to 300ft range. Not so big that she can’t fit in any of the marinas, but not so small that I would feel cramped after a few weeks onboard with family. I guess for everyone the reason behind having a yacht is different. For me it would be a place to share times with friends and family. A chance to give them something they would probably not otherwise experience. It’ll happen when its meant to happen and when it does, you’ll be one of the first to sit and talk to me about the time it was all a dream.

What’s the coolest water toy you’ve played on recently?

You know – not many people know this, but I almost drowned on a lake back in the 90’s. So deep water with swells and chops kinda freaks me out. I’m actually a decent swimmer, but after that experience getting me in the ocean is a bit of a challenge. I like to play it safe with jet skis and would love to take one of the subs out for a spin!!! I have tried the SeaBobs but avoided the water Jet packs or boards. I do think the toy for 2019 is going to be that new electric hydrofoiling board. That thing just looks awesome!!!!