7 Stunning Sailing Yacht Destinations to See in 2022

The world is full of beautiful places waiting to be explored and many of those places are best explored onboard a luxurious sailing yacht. Whether you want to embark on a Caribbean sailing adventure, a Mediterranean excursion or a far-flung journey in the South Pacific, the perfect destination awaits. In this guide, we’ll discover 7 stunning sailing yacht destinations to see in 2022.  

1. Greece

There are many reasons why Greece is the perfect destination to explore in a sailing yacht but sparkling blue waters, which are among the clearest on earth, and spectacular sunsets are the most popular draws. With 6,000 islands, vibrant culture and a history that goes back thousands of years, there’s much to explore in this amazing region. 

Secluded sandy beaches, exclusive nightclubs, ancient ruins and spectacular scenery consisting of mountains, coastline and colourful coastal villages are just some of the sights you’ll enjoy along the way. Did we mention that scuba diving and snorkelling are world-class?

sailing yachts greece

2. Croatia

Croatia, which is on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is another amazing destination to explore in a sailing yacht term charter. With stunning coastal scenery consisting of clear, blue waters and colourful villages that you can enjoy from the deck of your yacht, you don’t have to go ashore.  

However, if you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the exclusive locations you’ll be able to explore among the country’s 1,100 islands. Think caves, uncrowded beaches and scenic coastal walks.  

3. The Caribbean

Chartering a sailing yacht in the Caribbean is the ultimate seafaring adventure. With so many islands to explore, so many cultures to discover and a healthy mix of sights and sounds around every corner, the possibilities are endless. Walk along pristine, sandy beaches lined with palm trees and swim in warm, clear water. 

Spend an exciting night on the town in the Virgin Islands or explore the natural landscapes of the national parks. Watch for flamingos and parrots in the Leeward Antilles or kick back in the tropical paradises of Cuba, Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. Enjoy the untouched beauty of the Windward Islands and get away from the crowds on the islands of Mustique and Bequia.  The choice of destinations to visit are endless in the Caribbean onboard a luxury yacht.

sailing yacht caribbean

4. Turkey

Turkey is a fabulous blend of old and new mixed with cosmopolitan splendour and rural delights.  From your chartered sailing yacht, you’ll be able to admire the stunning views of rugged coastline, remote caves, quaint bays and turquoise waters. On land, discover many fascinating sites including the ruins of Knidos, the unique beauty of Cappadocia, Bodrum Castle, Aya Sofya and an array of ancient ruins from various periods in history. Those coves and caves I mentioned? Incredible places to go scuba diving or snorkelling.  

5. Whitsunday Islands

Not too far away from the coast of Queensland, Australia is another amazing destination to explore with a sailing yacht. The Whitsunday Islands is an area of 74 islands famously known for being home to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. 

The region’s beautiful, sandy beaches, including Whitehaven Beach, provide ample opportunities to participate in a range of water activities. There are also many hiking trails in this region that highlight the natural beauty including Round Hill Circuit, Long Island Circuit and The Whitsundays Peak.

sailing yacht whitsunday islands

6. New Zealand

Another treasure to be explored with a sailing yacht is the South Pacific country of New Zealand and the surrounding islands. In this part of the world, the waters are sparkling blue and crystal clear too, and there are many beautiful beaches to be explored.  

The Bay of Islands is where you’ll find a remote, uncrowded paradise and have the opportunity to discover the vibrant Maori culture.

sailing yacht new zealand

7. Galapagos Islands

For unspoiled beauty, natural landscapes and the opportunity to observe many marine and land species that are not found anywhere else on earth, The Galapagos Islands are a top destination to explore in a sailing yacht. 

These islands are part of a national park which means much of the land is protected and virtually untouched by the modern world. Some of the highlights of this destination include the Charles Darwin Research Station, Prince Philip’s Steps and, of course, meeting the Giant Galapagos tortoises, iguanas, penguins and sea lions.  

Experience a Luxury Sailing Yacht in 2022

A number of yachts can be chartered for each of these regions and each one is different. One thing that is consistent across all the yachts we charter is an unmatched luxury. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sipping a mojito as you relax on your deck off the coast of Cuba or watching the sun go down behind the Greek Islands.  

Does sipping champagne by moonlight on a sailing yacht while the distant sounds of a Calypso band from the Barbados shoreline sound like an evening in paradise? How about immersing in the clear, blue waters of the Adriatic or admiring Turkey’s coastal treasures as you dine on a delicious, private meal made just for you and your guests. This is luxury sailing. 

Maybe you wish to indulge in something a little more exciting. Most of our yachts come equipped with a variety of water toys and sporting equipment. Jet skis, kayaks and paddleboards provide you with a variety of ways to enjoy the calm, clear waters of these destinations. Scuba diving and snorkelling equipment allow you to explore the world beneath the waves. You can even rent a yacht with a private pool and Jacuzzis are standard on a number of our offerings and many of them also have fishing equipment, sunbaking decks and sunbeds.

sailing yacht charter

All of these destinations offer endless relaxation in the sun, unique on-land adventures and luxury sailing yacht experiences. You don’t have to worry about preparing meals, cleaning up or doing anything except enjoying yourself which is almost a guarantee!

This is made possible with the help of your onboard crew who are available around the clock to assist you and your guests with anything you need during your luxury vacation. Crew members go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has the best time possible.