7 Days Sailing Around Sardinia | Sardinia Yacht Charter Itinerary

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and a little slice of paradise for your next yacht holiday. Surrounded by an emerald sea with small and large coves and pure white sand, Sardinia is the ideal European getaway for all to fall in love with. From the night life of the Costa Smeralda to the peaceful beauty of The Maddalena Archipelago, the island of Sardinia is the perfect blend of rugged coast line, Italian charm, vibrant cities and long summers. From early May to late September, the sea waters are warm and the temperatures are high with at least 14 hours of sunlight per day making it the best time of year to charter a yacht. Here’s our most popular Sardinia yacht charter itinerary.

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Day 1. Ajaccio

Set near the scenic coast of Sardinia, Ajaccio is undoubtedly a gorgeous gem right in the heart of the Mediterranean. It’s the capital of Corsica, and has one of the most bustling marinas around, making for an easy first stop on any sailing adventure. Majestic mountains create a breathtaking backdrop behind pristine bays boasting clear blue waters. Cobbled streets wind their way around the quaint old town and trendy hotspots offer a good time on the soft white sundrenched shores abound. There’s an abundance of fresh seafood fares for feasting before returning to the private luxury of your very own yacht awaiting on the serene and sparkling seas – experience “dolce vita” at its finest.

Day 2. Roccapina

Situated in Southwest Corsica, Roccapina is the next nautical destination ideal for yacht charter cruising. A more remote and rugged landscape here offers serene seclusion in the most spectacular surroundings possible. Pink granite cliffs tower high, lush vegetation covers rolling hillsides, and, of course, powder white sands meet the warm turquoise sea for a picturesque cove coveted by travellers seeking tropical tranquility. Both Erbaju Beach and Roccapina beach are beautiful for basking alongside the waterfront. Be sure to venture inland to check out the iconic landmark of a large stone lion guarding the Genoese Tower. It provides sweeping panoramas overlooking the entire island and is especially stunning at sunset. Roccapina is full of natural wonders to enjoy, both on and off board. After a day of exploring, soak up the afternoon sun on your luxury yacht, expertly serviced by the 24/7 Ahoy Club experience team.

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Day 3. Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a beautiful oasis on the Southern tip of the French island of Corsica, Sardinia’s scenic next door neighbor. It’s the best, and only, major harbour in the region, and is known for diving competitions, a medieval clifftop citadel, and some of the most spectacular shores in the Mediterranean. It’s a dramatic landscape, to say the least, precariously perched on a limestone promontory. It’s commonly called a pleasure port, for its alluring natural landscape, pristine uncrowded beaches, and the array of charming cafes and bars spilling out over piazzas in the cobblestoned old town. Bonifacio boasts breathtaking buildings that history buffs and architecture aficionados are sure to appreciate. Uninterrupted vistas of the sparkling salty seas make for magical space to soak up some sunshine whilst sailing or stationing. It’s a unique atmosphere that it’s referred to as France’s best kept secret by those in the know. It’s even become a mecca for scuba divers, as the ocean floor is filled with ancient shipwrecked vessels to discover.

Day 4. Maddalena Islands

Set right between Corsica and Sardinia is a magnificent archipelago called Maddalena that is a must visit. It consists of seven islands, the main, and biggest one, being La Maddalena Island itself, and its smaller surrounding enclaves of Caprera island, Budelli island, Santa Maria, Spargi, Santo Stefano, and Razzoli. It’s perfect for a more action-packed day of fun in the sun with an abundance of outdoor activities readily available in Sardinia’s first ever national park, providing protected and undisturbed wilderness. Visit wild coves marked by pink granite and crystalline waters like Spiaggia di Tegge, Cala Francese, and Carlotto. There is a wide range of beautiful beaches to enjoy here as well, from more popular picks like Bassa Trinita and Spiaggia di Monte di Rena to some secluded shores such as Spiaggia di Cardellino and Capocchia du Purpu. All with countless anchorages and each closeby shore offering something special, it’s the perfect private playground.

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Day 5. Porto Cervo

The main centre of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo is a small but idyllic enclave known for its world-class luxury. It offers architectural prowess surrounded by natural beauty. The old port dates back to the 1960s and today the modern marina often hosts elaborate regattas and rendezvous. With over 700 boat moorings it’s one of the best Mediterranean locales for living yacht life to the fullest. Prestigious eateries, high-end boutiques, and fashionable nightclubs cover a series of quaint alleys mixed in with typical traditional style Sardinia coastal abodes. Spend some time at the Grande Perevo and Piccolo Pevero for refreshing dips in the temperate turquoise ocean. Enchanting coves, like Cala di Volpe and Liscia Ruja, are delightful to explore, though none more captivating than the Cala Capriccioli, surrounded by fantastical multi hued granite formations.

Day 6. Cala di Volpe

Cala di Volpe feels like a resplendent relic of the old world, more laidback, but just as luxurious, compared to some of the other surrounding island stops. It’s mainly a small fishing village, that offers that all too rare and renowned pleasure of serenity. Pastel houses and simple ports dot the quiet coastline here. Though simple in its essence, there are still plenty of opportunities for finding fancy fares, world-class wines, and fun-filled activities like exploring the scenery on jet skis. It also happens to be home to some of Sardinia’s most famous beaches, including Spiaggia del Principe and Romazzino. With Ahoy Club, every need will be catered to aboard your private yacht from exquisite feasts to unparalleled personalised experiences.

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Day 7. Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is one of the places visited most by locals of the Sardinia region. It’s a great way to avoid crowds of other tourists and indulge in a more authentic coastal experience. The marina has room for over 600 vessels, making it an easy choice for anchoring as well. Spectacular beaches and calm crystalline waters set in hidden coves create the ideal swimming and sun soaking conditions as well. Revel in an array of water sports abounding here, from kite surfing to kayaking, or head to Marinella beach for the most breathtaking sunsets around. Ancient architecture covers the small winding streets, making it just as much of a joy to explore on foot as it is to sail the scenic shores. Porto Rotunda is an undeniably picturesque destination to discover when exploring Costa Smeralda on your luxurious private yacht.

Day 8. Olbia

Olbia is a charming coastal city of Sardinia and a bustling cultural mecca of Italy. Known for ancient churches and archeological ruins, it has a wide range of enticing attractions to venture to. It’s also highly developed, catering to modern day tourists with a coveted concentration of restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. Wander through the winding downtown to discover the Regina Margarita Square and Piazza Matteotti. The Museo Archeologico di Olbia boasts impressive exhibits full of significant artifacts. Palm-lined waterfronts frame endless turquoise inlets, offering beautiful beaches and bays to enjoy. The San Simplicio Basilica is an iconic medieval structure of the country and a former cathedral constructed in the Romanesque style. Regardless of which way you choose to spend your time here, there’s nothing like returning to the total comfort and privacy of your yacht after a day of discovering all the beauty Olbia has to offer.

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Sardinia is a charming European island known for a variety of enticing shores and beautifully melding cultures. It’s a West Mediterranean mecca boasting natural wonders and rich history. The famous landscape is marked by a jagged coastline best accessed by sea, making it a prime location for seafaring adventurers to navigate. Ahoy Club offers the best selection of yachts to meet every personalised preference, creating a perfect sailing experience with total privacy, luxury, and freedom. From the second you step onboard to the time you disembark, your every need will be taken care of – guaranteeing you the most memorable trip of your life.
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