Yacht Charters Raiatea

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Raiatea is the most sacred island of the South Pacific, and the largest and most populated of the Leeward Islands. It is believed to be the birthplace of Polynesia and the first human populated island in French Polynesia. 

From here settlers sailed to Hawaii and New Zealand, and as such it holds a rich and significant history. It remains a site of pilgrimage for many of these communities, to this day they will travel to the Taputapuatea, a sacred site of worship. As it’s said to be the final resting place for the spirits of said ancestors, the island is shrouded in a sense of myth and mystery. 

Raiatea is home to the largest outdoor temple in French Polynesia, and several other archaeological gems. It provides a fascinating peek into ancient Polynesia. The Tahitian translation for its name means ‘sky with soft light’. 

The main township is Utoroa, a small scenic hamlet set close to a reef break. This island is covered with fantastic flora and fauna. It’s even home to a rare species of frog found only on the outer coasts and a delicate flower that grows nowhere else the world. It’s less touristy than some of its neighbouring islands, which adds an air of rugged wilderness, ideal for a more remote and authentic experience.

There are two marinas on the island, the main one is called Hawakai Nui. With a large protected lagoon, it’s a favourite pick for sailing, deep-sea fishing, and scuba diving. It’s the nautical heart of French Polynesia. The perfect place to leap into the lap of luxury aboard any one of the breathtaking beautiful yachts available. 

The Faaroa River runs through the island and is navigable by kayak or canoe, as well, the only one of its kind in the country. The landscape is covered by lush rainforest and Mount Temehani towers tall in the north. 

There are an extensive amount of mooring and bays. The conditions are ideal for cruising the surrounding calm and deep waters. Sail away from the stresses of reality with a spectacular escape to the secluded shores of Raiatea.