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Located around 1,200km off the East coast of Africa, Mauritius is ranked among the most beautiful destinat ions to visit in the world. With over 330km of idyllic coastline, fringed with powder-soft sand and lush tropical rainforest – this Indian Ocean gem was made for exploring by yacht.

On land, towering mountains and dense forests are home to some of the rarest and most unique wildlife on the planet, while blue lagoons and reefs covered in a kaleidoscope of colorful fish are found just off the many beautiful beaches. Shallow bays, culture-filled towns, natural history, and amazing views at every turn make Mauritius a must-visit throughout the year.

To help you get the most out of every moment, or simply to provide holiday planning inspiration, here’s why Mauritius is perfect for luxury yacht charters in the Indian Ocean.

What to Do in Mauritius

WIth its Indian Ocean location, perfect climate, and stunning landscape, Mauritius is a hive of fun activities both on and off land. Naturally, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your vac ation without needing to worry about planning it in micro detail – which is where Ahoy Club Concierge comes into play, along with your dedicated crew and private che f.

By traveling around Mauritius on a luxury yacht, you get to enjoy a 5-star floating hotel, private restaurant, and entertainment complex throughout your trip. Ever-changing views, access to hidden gems and e ndless possibilities make yachting the ultimate way to see Mauritius.

Being an island, water-based activities top the list of things to do here. From snorkelling and divings on some of the most beautiful reefs in the Indian Ocean to jet skiing, paragliding, paddle boarding, an d swimming, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a glass of bubbles as you watch pods of dolphins leap from the water, or simply kick back, relax and soak up the warm sun uninterrupted.

In the evening, enjoy drinks on the beach at one of the many upscale beach bars and restaurants – or dance the night away at some of the best clubs in the Indian Ocean. Feeling lucky? Make your way to one of the buzzing casinos, or catch live entertainment shows around the island.

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When to Visit Mauritius

With a beautiful climate throughout the year, every month is worth a visit. Peak season runs from December to April when temperatures are at their hottest, ranging between 24 - 29°C. The low season runs from June to October when the temperatures drop slightly, ranging between 20 - 25°C.

Throughout the year, public festivals and cultural experiences can be enjoyed, with The Sunburn Beach Festival and Holi being two of the most popular. So when is the best time to visit Mauritius? Well, if yo u appreciate milder temperatures and fewer crowds, then June to October is best. However, if you’re looking for hot days and nights with a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere, then December to April will be for you.

January to March is when the rainy season rolls in. Though the rains are heavy and short-lived, they quickly give way to blue skies again in no time. June to September is when rainfall is at its lowest, with the northern and western sides of the island being the warmest.

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The Best Way to Explore Mauritius

When it comes to making the most of any island destination, nothing quite beats a luxury yacht to whisk you from place to place. With over 300km of beautiful beaches, secluded bays, and turquoise lagoons, fi nding somewhere to drop anchor and enjoy the water has never been easier. Take in more of Mauritius in absolute style and comfort, with everything you need to truly relax and immerse yourself in the best on off er.

With an amazing selection of catamarans, sailing yachts, and motor yachts to charter, it’s all about deciding what’s best for you.

Wake up to jaw-dropping views over Le Morne before enjoying your breakfast on the deck, with freshly brewed coffee, local fruits, or a full-cooked breakfast. Then enjoy a dip in the warm, shallow waters or m ake your way on land to hike through lush rainforests and small villages. Prefer to stay aboard? Relax with an indulgent spa day or workout in your private gym. In the afternoon, enjoy a lunch of your choosing, cooked to perfection.

As you make your way around the coast of Mauritius, water toys, luxury facilities, and modern technology enhance your experience. Feel like a cocktail as the sun sets over the island? Your dedicated crew wil l ensure you have everything you need. Then retire to your room where your comfortable bed, luxurious interiors, and modern amenities await. Enjoy an amazing night’s sleep before waking up at your next destinat ion.

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Book Your Next Escape

Discover the best Mauritius has to offer and explore the island in style when booking a luxury yacht with Ahoy Club. With decades of hands-on experience, a 24/7 concierge team, award-winning yachts to choose between, and the number one yacht booking platform in the world, your next vacation is closer than you think.

From the moment of first contact until the day your trip draws to a close, you’ll be presented with impeccable levels of service, detailed planning, and access to your dedicated crew and concierge team. Spen d more time relaxing and indulging yourself in the things you love the most – and all without stress or months of planning.
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