Boating Business | New automated yacht charter service saves time and costs

New automated yacht charter service saves time and costs

A new luxury yacht charter service will automate the charter process for what is believed to be the first time, cutting costs by 20% and allowing customers to book yachts within minutes and at significantly reduced rates.

Digital platform Ahoy Club, which launches on May 1, will allow registered users to book vessels through a three-step process, making the process accessible to a wider market and generating more revenue for superyacht owners, whilst still offering an expert concierge service.

The business is being launched by Ian Malouf, owner of the superyacht Mischief, who says the platform will deliver ‘more choice, more value and more freedom for less’.

Digital contract

Once a yacht has been selected and requested, an owner’s acceptance automatically generates a digital contract – and a 25% deposit is immediately accepted via credit card.

Ahoy’s automation allows yacht owners to set prices instantly for specific periods, which will lengthen the charter season. A yacht owner will be able to set prices all year round – even by the day at the most popular times, or to make special offers in off-peak periods.

YOTSWAP allows owners to exchange their yachts, while the Empty Voyage feature allows an owner to offer a shorter and more affordable charter between the port where a guest has disembarked and a second port where the next guest is due to embark.