Yacht Charters Porto Rotundo

Discover Porto Rotundo onboard a private yacht

Welcome to one of the most visited spots by locals on the Emerald Coast. Its 600-boat marina means luxury yachts are aplenty, and for a good reason – it houses some stunning beaches and swimming coves. This circular port destination is a great place to target on your itinerary to guarantee you make the most out of your luxury yacht charter. Stop by Marinella beach before sunset and find the area’s watersports capital. 

Porto Rotundo buffets prevailing winds to give you a calm spot to flex your sailing or kitesurfing muscles across the bay’s turquoise waters. This calmness also makes it a great place to make use of the yacht’s watertoy selection and put in kayaks or canoes and explore private coves. 

Porto Rotundo is an area that reflects humanity’s admiration of the ocean. Early local’s reverence to the power of the sea is most prevalent at the Church of San Lorenzo, a magnificent historic house of worship that resembles an overturned hull. 

Ancient architecture sits where the land meets the sea in this beautiful village port surrounded by waters fit for all sorts of craft.