Yacht Charters Maddalena Islands

Visit the Maddalena Islands on a private yacht

Decorating the Tyrrhenian Sea between Corsica and Sardinia are seven striking islands and numerous smaller islets known as the Maddalena archipelago. Easily accessible by private yacht charter, this slice of heaven is the epitome of a private island paradise.

This majestic archipelago was the spark that started it all. Sardinia’s first-ever official national park boasts almost 200km of untouched coastline, highlighting some of the best granite, Mediterranean cliffside scrub, and transparent waters ripe for exploration. 

Scattered amongst the seabed lies Posidon’s Seagrass, a protected Mediterranean species, and myriad fish living amongst the oxygenating marine plants. This species is notorious for slipping anchors and is especially prevalent around Caprera, so make sure to use one of the free buoys. 

You could spend days exploring eight islands that make up the sisterhood. A 30-minute cruise connects every island, and each offers something unique. Fall in love at Cala Serena’s half moon bay of white beach where sandy rocks wrap around the bay, and the romantic surroundings make a great seat for the sunrise or set. Some lovers call it the most romantic beach on earth!

The private feeling of the protected cove makes quality anchorage for dinner and an all-natural show. There are only 11,000 full-time residents in all of the Maddalena Islands, so there are plenty of nooks and crannies where your luxury yacht charter can find a private beach.  

Another famous Madeline Island is Spargi, home of some of the most popular anchorages in the archipelago. Divers can explore the Spagi Wreck, which has been sitting in these waters since before christ. The entire Spargi Sea bed is protected by a sandy channel for great diving.