Yacht Charters Cala Di Volpe

Discover Cala Di Volpe on a superyacht

A relic of the old world, this jewel of the emerald coast has featured in James Bond films and housed Iranian Shah’s, always exuding luxurious privacy. It’s the laid-back neighbour to the hustle and bustle of Porto Cervo, preferring instead to pamper its guests in silence. It’s no more than a serene fishing village with simple roots and mystical pastel houses and ports set in the middle of majestic Costa Smeralda.

From its humble beginnings, the beauty of this port guaranteed its destiny. You’ll find Luxury in every corner of these shorelines, which feature one of the top golf courses on earth, high summer fashion weeks and wine tastings. 

Cala Di Volpe is an excellent central point for day trips and water babies will fall in love with the striking beaches that frame Cala di Volpe. Hop on the jet skis and explore some of Sardinia’s most famous beaches; Spiaggia del Principe, Romazzino, and Capriccioli are all within arm’s reach. Once the day’s exploring is done, this area stays quieter than neighbouring Porto Cervo with the same upscale food and drink options, or simply enjoy an evening aboard accompanied by a fine dining meal prepared by your chef.  

Sardinia’s emerald coast is known for its excellent wine, honey and grains, so stop by Cala Di Volpe to taste all this rich region has to offer and the crew onboard your private charter can pair with delicious dishes for an exquisite dining experience.