Yacht Charters Valletta

A Maltese Location Not To Be Missed

Influenced by Italian, Arabic and British cultures, Malta is a unique country full of surprises, impossible to predict. So stunningly beautiful and rich in culture, the entirety of its tiny capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site. On a summer voyage, one is often tempted to stick to the islands, but in the case of Malta, a yacht charter to Valletta is a must. Home to under 10,000 locals, Valletta is an anomaly. It’s a tiny city with the attitude of a big cultural hub and a laidback island all wrapped into one. Its streets are akin to an open-air museum. Its love affair with arts and the finer things in life is evident through its quaint cafes, exquisite restaurants and attitudes of the Maltese to enjoy all that life has to offer. A luxury yacht charter in Valletta is an adventure into another world.


A hub for digital nomads and a beautiful experience in any season, Valletta has a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. For a private yacht charter of Valletta, however, we recommend the warmer months. Part of an archipelago, there are many islands close by that will draw you to their waters. You want those waters warm enough to swim. 

Those eager to spend much of their time in the water will be delighted with the weather from June right through to September. This long summer period sits between the mid-20°Cs and the early 30°Cs. Even in September, the mid 20°Cs persist. 

June to August is the most popular season for private yacht charters of Valletta. This small, sparsely populated city becomes a vibrant mecca. 

The shoulder months of May and September are quieter, allowing you to escape the crowds and more easily secure restaurant reservations. May is cooler, with temperatures just around 20°C. September is our recommendation if you want a more affordable yacht charter without compromising the warmth.

Activities & Experiences

Pulling up to Grand Harbour Marina, you’re right in the middle of Valletta’s centre. From here, whether on foot or by boat, many of the highlight sites are close to hand.

Fort St Elmo is now the National War Museum and reflects the city’s historical attempts to ward off invaders. One a warm machine to hold back the Ottomans, it is now one of the city’s best vantage points for panoramic views of Valletta’s harbour and surrounding villages.

Close to Fort St Elmo, St John’s Co-Cathedral is the former headquarters of the Order of the Knights, built between 1573 and 1578. On the outside, it is grand but unassuming. However, when you enter, you are stunned with awe at the work of art from floor to ceiling, glistening with grandeur across every inch. Here lay the tombstones of the famous Knights of Malta.

After St John’s Co-Cathedral, just 5 minutes on foot, are the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens. The gardens provide tranquillity within this highly stimulating city, also offering some of the best views on the island. Created in 1661, the gardens were once exercise grounds for the Knights of the langue of Italy and private gardens for elite figures to enjoy. During World War II, the grounds suffered significant damages but have since been restored to their original grace.

Blending Italian, Arabic and Greek cuisines, fine dining during your boat charter to Valletta should be considered equally important as visiting the city’s cultural sights. Nowhere else in the world will you experience a menu quite as you will find in Malta.

ION Harbour is an Ahoy favourite. Combining amazing views with a fine dining experience and 1 Michelin star, you can be certain you’re in for a culinary treat.

The Harbour Club is another fine dining experience, using only local and seasonal ingredients. Serving meals to a beautiful backdrop of the harbour. 

Quarterdeck Bar is then the cocktail destination to continue the night after an indulgent feast. High-end decor and magical views make this a favoured VIP hang out.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Valletta With Ahoy Club

Booking a Valletta yacht charter with Ahoy Club is the best way to see all this city has to offer. It may be small, but its activities are abundant and expert advice is recommended to uncover what is most exciting to you personally.

Ahoy Club proudly works with leading technology and hands-on customer service representatives to customise your charter of Valletta according to your taste. Online you can quickly identify the boat charter best suited to your unique desires. Booking is made in just a few clicks. Then your Ahoy Customer Experience Manager helps to personalise your trip.

Ahoy’s Customer Experience Managers have local knowledge to be able to give advice and coordinate an itinerary you will absolutely love.