Yacht Charters Catania

Views Of Volcanos While Eating Catania’s Exquisite Feasts

Catania is a Sicilian gem. It’s the second-largest city in Sicily, sitting at the foot of Mount Etna, attracting visitors from far and wide for its volcano views, exquisite foody scene and a truly local experience.With a bustling population of locals living in Catania, it is a unique insight into the lifestyle of everyday Sicilians without the influence of a tourist-centric economy. The cuisine is thus a mixture of traditional Sicilian feasts and contemporary spins created by those with true Sicilian culture in their veins.
Thrill-seekers venture here to get close to Europe’s tallest active volcano, and nature lovers find solace in its mountains. Culture adventurers tip their heads high, gazing at an endless array of duomos built back in the late 1000s. And of course, sunseekers descend by yacht charter to Catania’s beaches to bronze with beautiful people and visit exclusive clubs and restaurants


Thanks to its diverse attractions and many divine restaurants, visitors venture to Catania all year round. The warmer months are most appealing on a private yacht charter to Catania. Hence you will find a flock of superyachts tendering there from April through to October. 

May to September, enjoy the peak summer sun, bustling crowds of visitors, and an atmosphere light-hearted and indulgent as the warmth opens the summer holiday spirit in the city. These months are for the sunseekers, those who want a mix of on-water experiences and the best the city has to offer. 

The shoulder months of April and October are also popular for a luxury yacht charter Catania. Still, the weather is cooler – sitting in the high teens – making it less appealing for those who dream of a holiday mostly immersed in the water.

Activities & Experiences

In this bustling city, there is much to see and do. Days spent wandering aimlessly are days well spent. Everywhere you look, there is captivating architecture, picturesque piazzas and welcoming cafes, restaurants and bars. To help ensure you see the best the city has to offer, these are our strong recommendations for a Catania yacht charter holiday:

Catania’s Piazza del Duomo is one of Sicily’s busiest duomos, attracting a consistent flow of visitors and locals alike. Outside the Duomo, the architecture is exquisite, with intricate sculptures clinging to the façade. Inside, artworks adorn the interior of high ceilings. Churchgoer or not, the Duomo is worth a peek inside.

The piazza itself is the centre of activity in Catania. Restaurants sprawl around the edges, and people congregate to meet or enjoy gelato in the sun. This is a people-watching spot worth spending a little time.

On your charter of Catania, it would be remiss to miss experiences on the water.

La Playa Catania is a central beach favoured by Catanians and tourists alike, thanks to its fine golden sand, beach clubs and breathtaking views of Mount Etna.

In the Aci Trezza region of Catania is Cyclops’ Riviera, which offers magical views of the Islet of Lachea and its black stone pillars. It’s best accessed by your boat charter of Catania as it’s a pebble beach, making it less appealing for those coming from the shore. That means crowds are lighter, and you can enjoy a tranquil day on the water with fewer people around. This is the perfect place to snorkel or scuba dive.

Finally, Spiaggia Praiola is a beautiful black pebble beach running along farmland areas. Its dark shoreline extending into the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea makes it a unique site, highlighting the island’s formation under its volcanic influence.

Catania’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with late-baroque architecture, quaint narrow streets and ancient ruins poking out in odd places throughout the area. This is the perfect place to wander and marvel at endless architectural surprises.

Another spectacular piazza not to be missed is the Piazza Carlo Alberto which boasts a marvellous morning market where all sorts of goods can be found.

Browse local fresh produce and spices to take back to your onboard chef. Find an outfit from a local vendor or pick up some pamper products to enjoy back on your boat charter of Catania.

The area of Via Etnea is a shopping mecca in Catania, lined with stores to tantalise every kind of style. Even if your bags are full, this area is absolutely stunning, a lovely place to walk and take in the terraces perched above.

With its reputation as a foody city, you cannot miss a chance to feast while in Catania. While you’re exploring the city, keep an eye out for their local delicacy, “Cipollata”, which are spring onions wrapped in bacon and grilled. These can be found everywhere.

For the ultimate indulgence, Amocù is the restaurant for your luxurious culinary experience. This Michelin-star restaurant is a trendy contemporary space featuring fusion cuisine, blending Japanese traditions and contemporary influences. During the summer, tables are set on their spacious outdoor terrace with dazzling inner-city views.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Catania With Ahoy Club

Booking a boat charter of Catania is seamless with Ahoy Club. Through our online booking portal, we guide you through a series of questions designed to quickly identify your unique wants and needs, pairing you exclusively with the vessels that can make those desires a reality.

Once bookings are made online through our convenient portal, we introduce you to a Customer Experience Manager who takes care of the finer details. Our CEMs are experts in the region, able to make recommendations according to your particular interests and tastes. Acting as a liaison between you and your captain, your CEM ensures your itinerary is booked, and you don’t have to lift a finger.