Yacht Charters Naples

The Luxurious Birth Place of Pizza

Naples is a city with many a claim to fame. It’s the culinary capital of Italy, one of the world’s largest historical centres with UNESCO World Heritage status, and it lies at the foot of the infamous Mount Vesuvius. The only active volcano on Europe’s mainland and the source of destruction for the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD.

Sitting at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast, just a short distance from the Pontine and Phlegraean Islands, this is the perfect destination to begin a yacht charter. Naples offers luxury boutiques, mouthwatering cuisine and activities to appease families, lovers, wild partygoers, and everyone in between.


The Bay of Naples enjoys a long summer season, with temperatures already reaching 18°C to 25°C in May and increasing to 30°C during the peak months of June, July and August. September and October continue to entice visitors, still providing spectacular sunny days around 18°C to 25°C, but the chance of rain does begin to increase from September on. 

Sailing conditions are particularly perfect during the spring and summer months. A regular southwesterly breeze picks up late morning, lasting through to the early evening. As Autumn begins, these winds tend to intensify, and the bay swell becomes heavier.  

Activities & Experiences

On your private yacht charter of Naples, you can explore the most beautiful gems of the region. Hop between the Islands, tender along the Amalfi coast, swim in the crystal clear waters and indulge in all the delicacies and luxuries this popular area has to offer. 

There is far too much to do in this city and its surroundings to list here, but here are the musts. To find off the main path activities based on your unique interests, your Ahoy Club Customer Experience Manager can help.

Naturally, the exploration of such a curious canal-based village is done best onboard your boat charter.

Take in the colourful pastel houses and marvel at the vision that architect, Francois Spoerry, had for this seaside village. You may even catch sight of Joan Collins, who has a property here

The sea-facing region of Grimaud may be small, but it still boasts beautiful beaches with soft sand and gorgeous azure waters.

Plage de Grimaud is a bustling beach with pretty views back to the village, as it’s right by the port, with bars and restaurants all around. Quieter spots are a little further away from the port, accessed easiest with a luxury charter of Port Grimaud. Visit the relaxing shores of Plage de Guerrevieille and the lighthouse of Plage des Cigales.

Take your boat charter of Naples down the coast a little, toward Pompei, where you can hike the famous Mount Vesuvius, or visit Vesuvius National Park, where you can stand on the ground that still bears signs of the devastating eruption that engulfed the city of Pompei.

On your luxury yacht charter of Naples, you can sail the Tyrrhenian Sea to explore the Pontine Islands, Phlegraean Islands, Capri and the Amalfi coast.

Make Procida your first stop, the smallest island in the bay, with colourful pastel-hued buildings welcoming you to shore. Hike Belvedere Elsa Morante for scenic views of the island. Then wander the quiet streets before setting off around the coast to Procida’s small sister island, connected by a bridge, Vivara. These islands host flora and fauna not found in other parts of Italy, thanks to a nature reserve where guests can spot rare plants and birds.

Over on the largest island in the bay, Ischia, you will coast into a bustling port, stunningly picturesque with rocky beaches and imposing mountains. Ischia is famous for its hidden coves, natural springs and thermal spas. This is the perfect place for a day submerged in the water, whether relaxing, snorkelling or out on the jet skis. Once you tire of the water, head around the coast to Forio for boutique shopping.

From Ischia, head 19 nautical miles to Capri, where huge the huge Faraglioni rocks jut out of the vivid blue waters. Take in these waters at their most intense, in the Blue Grotto, where the sunlight reaches into the caves and electrifies the colour of the water. Enjoy a sunset in the Marina Piccola on the deck of your Naples yacht charter, where other yachts dot the waters, absorbing the impressive beauty of both the land and sea. 

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Naples With Ahoy Club

Booking a charter of Naples is seamless and all-inclusive with Ahoy Club. Our first-class booking system simplifies the charter selection process, and our personal Customer Experience Managers offer their irreplaceable first-hand knowledge of the region to help craft an itinerary tailored to your unique interests and desires.

Through our platform, you will be asked a series of questions that help our system narrow down from the 4000 yachts we have available to identify the one that’s right for you. Once the booking is made, it’s over to your Customer Experience Manager to liaise between you and your captain to devise the itinerary of a lifetime.