Yacht Charters Livorno

Modern port life meets mediaeval charm by the Ligurian Sea

Experience this bustling port city in unrivalled comfort. Spend your days sampling the freshest Italian seafood delicacies or discovering awe inspiring mediaeval fortifications. When the day is done, retire to your fully staffed yacht and let the lapping water and laid back port life be the soundtrack to your private evening onboard. All this and more is possible with a yacht charter in Livorno.


The summer months of June, July and August are undoubtedly the best time to visit Livorno. With temperatures hovering around 30°C during the day and very little precipitation, conditions are perfect for enjoying a dip in the ocean or a stroll through town. Tourists flock to the city this time of year, so reservations are essential for the best eateries in town. Speak to our Ahoy Club concierge to ensure you have a table everywhere you go.

For travellers wishing to avoid the crowds, consider visiting in the Spring. From March until May, daily peak temperatures range from the mid teens to mid twenties. The local humidity prevents it from feeling chilly, although we recommend a light jacket for early morning or late evening sightseeing.

Activities & Experiences

While on board your luxury yacht charter in Livorno you’ll be treated to the most spectacular views of this economically important, picturesque port town. Your knowledgeable crew will be more than happy to recommend exciting landmarks should you decide to explore on-shore. For a little taste of what’s to come, consider these must-do activities:

Surrounded by beautiful canals, this mid-late 1500’s fortification was built to serve as part of Livorno’s defences in mediaeval times. Home to a beautiful and extensive garden, the grounds within its walls are open for visitors to explore. See some remaining original features such as gun ports and explore the weaving passages of the fort itself. When you’re finished, explore the surrounding area known as Nuova Venezia, so named due to the many striking street canals you’ll find here.

Set aside an afternoon for a relaxing stroll down Terazza Mascagni promenade. Boasting stunning views of the Tuscan coast, this charming stone paved boulevard is the perfect place to enjoy a gelato and admire the sunset. With numerous tree shaded areas and a lovely pavilion to seek shelter in, Terazza Mascagni is the ideal place to seek a little solitude with a good book while watching locals and tourists rub shoulders. Those travelling with young (or young at heart) companions should check out the Livorno Aquarium which is also conveniently located here.

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Livorno life, look no further than the bustling Mercato Centrale. This imposing building is home to more than 200 different market stalls and 34 stores selling locally sourced meats, cheeses, baked goods and wine. Imported goods from other Italian cities can also be found here, making it an essential stop to prepare an onboard Italian feast. In the nearby outdoor area you’ll find vendors selling clothing, handmade leather goods and other accessories with local flavour.

One of the key benefits to having your own private yacht charter is the easy access to offshore destinations. Travel in private comfort approximately 6.1km off the Livorno coast to find the Meloria Islands. A protected reserve since 2010, these rocky outposts are ideal for diving and sunbaking by the Ligurian Sea. Travel to the southern island to see its modern lighthouse, or explore the tower built in the 1500’s on the northern island.

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