Yacht Charters Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera’s Town Of Colour And Culture

Renowned for its colourful houses, remarkably built into the side of the cliff, Cinque Terre – which translates to “five lands” – is a rugged stretch of the Italian Riviera where each village offers something truly unique. Difficult to access by car, a yacht charter of Cinque Terre is the most convenient way to reach each village and explore the coastline inaccessible from the land. Paths, trains and boats are the primary means of transport in this region, limiting the mass tourism that other parts of the Italian Riviera will see every summer. 

From your luxury yacht charter of Cinque Terra, watch the chromatic coastline of quaint buildings pass you by. Explore the quiet bays, beaches and hidden coves. And witness the magnificent natural beauty of Cinque Terre National Park, protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore each await, offering special delights and sights to impress you for years to come.


Cinque Terre is blessed with long, warm summers that bloom in April and run the way through to October. The peak months, where the warm sun is at its highest and more powerful, are May, June, July, August and September. Private yacht charters of Cinque Terra tender the coastline with bronzed people onboard, illuminating the Italian Riviera’s holiday energy throughout this entire season. 

Although Cinque Terre is not as accessible as other parts of the Italian Riviera, we still recommend booking during this season. Those in the know will snap up seats at the best small restaurants. The Ahoy Club Concierge team can help you do the same. They can also advise on the best beaches and bays to enjoy quiet days on the water. Or the best beach clubs for those who prefer the hot summer parties. 

April and October, the shoulder months, are distinctly different from the height of summer. The temperatures average in the high teens, so days in the water are not so enticing. However, the Cinque Terre is abundant with natural beauty, exquisite cuisine and quaint towns that make it an appealing destination even when the cool breeze comes through.

Activities & Experiences

When you book a charter of Cinque Terre, we recommend you take some time in each of the five villages.

Vernazza is the busiest of the five villages. Crowned by a ruined castle, Vernazza’s dramatic appearance is offset by a lively waterfront that cradles a natural harbour below.

Manarola is a stark contrast to the two above. It’s a hiker’s paradise along the waterfront and attracts relaxed visitors eager to explore its vineyards, shops and captivating cliff-climbing houses.

In the water, we recommend you go kayaking and watch the cliff jumpers dive into the waters. Then sit for a bruschetta tricolour, a mixture of mixed cheese, meats and melon platters.

Corniglia offers an entirely different feel from the others. It is a hilltop village known for its cooler temperatures, and it is the only one of the villages without a harbour.

For this reason, it has fewer tourists, leaving it calm and quiet for those who do make it up the hill to explore its shores. Don’t let the effort of access deter you. Corniglia is famed for its fine wines. It’s worth the walk.

Resorts abound in Monterosso, but it still boasts a charming old town and a modern new town which are perfect for exploring on foot, as the town is flat and spread out.

Here are Cinque Terre’s best beaches, swimming spots, and nightlife. It’s also home to our favourite restaurant in the region: Ristorante Miky.

Riomaggiore is a fishing village with crystal clear waters meeting its shores before the town extends up vertically with colourful houses, rocks and cliffs. Snorkelling is perfect on this shoreline.

There is so much to see underwater, with the iconic rock formations extending far out into the sea. There is also a thriving nightlife here. It’s one to spend an afternoon and evening.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Cinque Terre With Ahoy Club

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