Yacht Charters Amalfi Coast

Chartering The Amalfi Coast Is A Must-Live Experience

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is home to some of the most picturesque coastline in Southern Europe. With steep cliffs and architecture dating back between the 9th and 11th centuries, the Amalfi Coast is rich in history and culture. 

Blending luxury onboard with antiquity on land, an Amalfi Coast yacht charter is an experience of cultural decadence.


Blessed with long summers, the Amalfi Coast is a perfect destination from May right through to September. June to August is the peak of the season, with most Europeans taking off a month in the summer to soak up the sun. This means busy beaches, bars and restaurants. Perfect for those who like to feel the electricity of the coast come to life. Booking activities and events will be essential during this period. 

For those who like a slower pace, without compromising the sun and vibrancy of the summer, May, September and October are the ideal months. During these months, the crowds are calmer, the heat is less intense, and it’s easier to stop by a beautiful restaurant without a reservation in advance. 

Activities & Experiences

One of the major drawcards of the Amalfi Coast is the coastline itself. A luxury yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast is the best vantage point to take in this spectacular view before coming on land to experience what these towns and cities have to offer.

With remnants of Italy’s ancient history dating back to the 9th and 11th centuries, cultural tours are a must to absorb the historical life of the region. Take in the view from the clifftop of Ravello, founded by the Romans in the sixth century. Delight in Sorrento’s tiny fishing village, Marina Grande, where colourful wooden bob on the water as local fishermen cast their nets and sunbathers span the beach.

Speaking of beaches, Sorrento is home to the Baths of the Queen Giovanna (Bagni della Regina Giovanna). One of the region’s most remote and beautiful beaches, Bagni della Regina Giovanna sits within rocky cliffs, a breathtaking natural stone arch, and the ancient ruins of a Roman villa. Easily accessible with a private yacht charter of the Amalfi Coast.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter On The Amalfi Coast With Ahoy Club

Ahoy Club makes it easy to book luxury yachting experiences along the Amalfi Coast, catering to the vast desires of you and your guests.

We boast 4000 professionally crewed motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans or gulets across the world, and we offer this range along with an interactive itinerary maker and preference builder to help you narrow down which yacht best matches your needs. 

For term charters, Ahoy Club offers our clients Ahoy Concierge to help make arrangements off the platform. This personal Customer Experience Manager acts as a liaison between you and the captain to ensure all requirements are met. Bookings are made instantly online to ensure you secure the yacht you desire for the Amalfi Coast boat charter trip of a lifetime. 

Yacht Charter On The Amalfi Coast FAQ

Term or Day Charters on the Amalfi Coast?

Ahoy Club only offers term charters on the Amalfi Coast.

A term charter on the Amalfi Coast is defined as anything more than 1 day. This could be a 2 day trip, a 2 week trip, a 2 month trip or more. When searching term charters on our website, you will notice all prices are quoted with a weekly rate.

If your search is under 1 week, you will see the pricing reflected in a daily or hourly rate, depending on your specified length. 

Yacht Seasonality Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast yacht charters are available in the peak of summer as well as the shoulder seasons of late spring and early autumn. Prices depend on the months. These are broken up into high season and low season. 

The peak of summer is the high season, including June, July and August, while the low season is May, September and October.

Booking price differences in these two seasons are wide. As demand is extremely high in the high season, yachts are typically $10,000 – $20,000 more than they are in the low season.