Yacht Charters Aeolian Islands

Seven Islands To Explore & Enjoy

Perfect for foodies and romantics, a yacht charter of the Aeolian Islands is best spent doing as the locals do. Enjoy granita and brioche for breakfast. Walk quaint narrow streets. Sit in sundrenched corner cafes sipping espresso. Most of all, dip your toes daily in clear turquoise waters and work on your golden tan. Made from an archipelago of seven islands, a luxury yacht charter of the Aeolian Islands is the finest way to take in all the sights while staying true to Aeolian culture. Relax, indulge and enjoy. 


With mild winters above 10°C and the summer sun tempered by consistent light winds, the Aeolian Islands welcome guests from April to October for a long tourist season. 

As with all Mediterranean destinations, the peak summer months are June, July and August. Over these months, the superyachts come together at the ports, and VIPs enter the islands. Summer’s energy is high. There are parties and events across the region and a steady stream of holidaymakers coming and going from the islands. Temperatures range between 20 – 30°C. 

In April and May, you can expect most days to sit around 20°C and in the latter part of the summer season, in September and October, some days still reach above 25°C. There is a lot of space to find the ideal days for your private yacht charter of the Aeolian Islands.

Activities & Experiences

Any cluster of islands is best explored by the water. Your charter of the Aeolian Islands should thus incorporate a nice mix of on-shore indulgence with long days on the deck or in the water soaking up the summer sun. 

The islands include:

Lipari is the ideal place to start your boat charter of the Aeolian Islands. It’s the most populated of the Aeolian Islands, and as such, there is a lot to do here. A night’s stay before boarding is worth considering.

On Lipari, you can see influences of Greek, Roman and Norman rule. The Archaeological Museum provides an in-depth history of the island and sits within the Lipari Castle, built in the 16th century. Other historically significant (and beautiful) sites are the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and the ruins of the Greek acropolis.

Lipari is also a great spot for boutiques and restaurants. Our favourite restaurant is E Pulera. This exquisite restaurant sits within whitewashed walls and a garden, serving up fresh local bites.

Filicudi is loved for its unpolluted nature and quiet villages. Locals on this island live from cultivation and tourism.

They produce capers and figs, which are regularly used in local cuisine. As such, dining on this island is recommended. Our favourite restaurant is La Sirena.

Covered in dense vegetation, Salina is perfect for active travellers who want to either take a leisurely stroll or challenge themselves with a climb to the top of Salina’s old extinct volcano, Monte Fossa delle Felci. From here, you’re rewarded with 360-degree views of the entire archipelago.

Unlike many of the other islands’ volcanos, Stromboli’s is still active and attracts adrenaline seekers eager to get close to its glowing lava.

Those brave enough can hike up the volcano and will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the entire archipelago.

Just off the toe of Italy’s boot, Panarea’s harbour boasts many chic bars and restaurants to satiate any appetite. What’s most appealing about this island for us is the quiet cobblestone lanes and its picturesque natural landscape. A wide variety of vegetation grows on Panarea.

This island attracts a youthful crowd. Here they find sunken ships and signs of the Mycenaean civilisation that once lived here. With the shipwreck, snorkelling is a must here. There are also underwater hot springs at the Lisca Bianca cliff.

Luck for those onboard an Aeolian Islands yacht charter, many of Panarea’s most beautiful waterborne sites are scarcely accessible by foot. Those able to access these places by boat will enjoy calm shores with only small crowds.

Alicudi is the smallest of the islands, often overlooked by tourists. It’s rough and wild, with lava rock giving off an ancient, primordial appearance.

There is no tourist port, so visits must be coordinated through temporary harbours. We recommend anchoring close to shore and simply enjoying its rugged landscape from the water or on deck.

Vulcano is small but renowned, thanks to its hot springs and bubbling mud ponds said to possess healing qualities.

Hikers may want to consider climbing the extinct Fossa Di Volcano before soaking in the warm waters below.

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