Yacht Charters Bonifacio

Known as the Mediterranean's Sentinel, Bonifacio sits atop white limestone cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, with Sardinia's shores not far in the distance. Tendering on a yacht charter to Bonifacio offers a view you will have never seen before. Its medieval architecture, stone carvings and 16th-century structures, blended with chic bars and beautiful people, make Bonifacio a worthy jewel in Corsica's crown.

Explore its limestone mountains, winding roads, and rich beauty inland as well as on the coast. A luxury yacht charter of Bonifacio is the ideal way to reach the best locations in the region and take in the spectacular view toward land and out to sea.


Bonifacio is bustling from May all the way through to September. Still, it is the peak summer months - June to August - when the superyachts of the world descend and the town is electrified. During the height of summer, temperatures range from the mid 20°Cs, up to the early 30°Cs. Restaurants fill quickly. The narrow streets of the town rarely rest, and spirits are high.

The shoulder months also boast great appeal. With a median temperature of 20°C in May and September, a calmer stay does not require a compromise of the summer sun. Not to mention, the shoulder months offer more affordable rates for your private yacht charter of Bonifacio.

Activities & Experiences

Bonifacio's highlights are undoubtedly its enormous imposing limestone cliffs, medieval architecture, beaches and cuisine. Unlike many other parts of the region, Bonifacio's collision of the new world and old is so pronounced and awe-inspiring. The Old Citadel seems a world away from the exclusive venues of the marina, where worldwide VIPs come to indulge.

History enthusiast or not, Bonaficio's 16th-century town, the Old Citadel and its winding stone staircase belonging to the King of Aragon are architectural and natural wonders that have to be seen to be truly appreciated. If the hills are intimidating, a Segway tour with family or friends is a fantastic way to see the sights without the painstaking inclined steps.

Bonifacio boasts a bustling marina lined with elegant restaurants and bars. There are many to choose from, and we want to ensure you select the best. Our favourites include:

  • Stella D'Oro:
  • quaint little restaurant tucked within the narrow streets of the old town.
  • L'An Faim:
  • at the end of the marina, extended by a terrace and frequented by distinguished locals seeking the finest market-fresh delicacies.
  • Da Passano:
  • overlooking the port, offering traditional Corsican meals with live music during the summer.

After an indulgent meal, you may wish to spend a lazy afternoon at La Paillote. Tender here on your Bonifacio yacht charter and swim in the azure waters, take a drink at the bar and sun yourself on the lounges. Watch the day turn into night with a cocktail in hand as the sun sets on the horizon. Families or candy lovers may instead wish to indulge at Bonifacio's famous confectionary store, La Caverne D'Ali Bonbon, a magical cavelike store filled with more sweets than one could possibly desire.

What to expect when booking a yacht charter in Bonifacio with Ahoy Club

Ahoy Club simplifies the booking process to offer your ideal boat charter of Bonifacio in just a few steps. Through our online booking platform, you can browse boats that are custom selected to meet your particular needs. How do we know your needs? Our innovative technology is designed to quickly narrow down your desires. With this information, you view only the Bonifacio charter options that are relevant to your search.

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At Ahoy Club, we connect all guests with their very own Customer Experience Manager. Your CEM is your guide to Bonifacio. They know the area and are able to secure you exclusive tables, recommend sites and activities that aren't on any tourist sites and ensure that all of these are locked in for your trip. No hassle yacht charter bookings are the Ahoy Club solution.