Yacht Charters Bonifacio

Charter a yacht in Bonifacio

Bonifacio may very well be Corsica’s best-kept secret. Wild limestone cliffs fall into turquoise waters, narrow winding roads hug the coast and a lively marina buzzes with luxury yachts, humming bars and local eateries.Historians carved this island’s history across the cliffs, with medieval citadels intermingling with yellow marquis flowers to set a backdrop for a thriving town centre. 8 Michelin starred restaurants and countless lush vibrant nightclubs await your grand adventure off the deck, or stay aboard and let the fun come to you. You’ll find plenty of great dives and snorkelling spots right out of the harbour. If you fancy a day trip, you can explore the Lavezzi Islands from Bonifacio port in less than an hour. These islands are entirely deserted and pack some of the same natural wonders as the nearby harbour, allowing you to dive without distractions and still make it back to the harbour town in time for your dinner reservation. After spending one afternoon in this pristine harbour, you’ll see why it’s one of Ahoy Club’s favourite stops.