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One Of The Most Romantic Regions For Yacht Chartering

Italy is famously for lovers, and the Italian Riviera is undoubtedly one of the most romantic regions along her picturesque coastline. Allows yourself to fall in love with the beauty of the mountains, houses and fishing villages dotted around the region. Indulge in seafood fresh from the sea, and treat yourself with some of the finest wine produced in the region, famed around the world. 
For lovers celebrating romance, or lovers of the finer things in life, a private luxury yacht chart on the Italian Riviera is the ultimate romantic adventure.


The best time to book a charter in the Italian Riviera is between May and September, when the temperature ebbs between the low and high 20°Cs. During this season, yachts come from all over the world to take in the magic of the Italian Riviera. Reservations at the region’s famed restaurants will be essential. Swimmers and beachgoers will want to book during this peak season window.

If you don’t mind a cooler climate, April and October sit between 15°C and 19°C, and the restaurants and bars remain open all year round. 

Activities & Experiences

Food, wine and ancient history, a private yacht charter in the Italian Riviera is the place to unwind and indulge. With so much to see, we recommend an unhurried week-long itinerary beginning with…

Genoa is known as being the gateway to the Italian Riviera. The capital of the region and its historical centre, Genoa is the place to embark on your journey after exploring the captivating World Heritage Listed architecture, San Lorenzo Cathedral and the art and music culture of the city.

Luxurious shopping, museums aplenty and a myriad of mouthwatering restaurants and bars — including our favourite for grappe, La Lepre –, Genoa does not disappoint.

Breathtaking scenery, both from water and land, makes Cinque Terre an unmissable destination for your Italian Riviera yacht charter.

Stroll the terrain from Riomaggiore to Via dell’ Amore, Monterosso al Mare or simply cruise its coastline for spectacular views of its picturesque sea-facing towns.

Dive enthusiasts on board a boat charter in the Italian Riviera cannot go past Porto Venere, where only yachts can access dive sites, hidden caves and beaches inaccessible from the mainland.

Home to literary figures once upon a time, this tranquil town is the perfect place to stop and recuperate after your challenging hike back in Cinque Terre.

In the curve of Northwest Italy is the idyllic fishing village of Portofino, with its pastel-hued houses and seafront restaurants offering some of the best seafood in the entire Italian Riviera.

With an artistic vibe and artisan stores in abundance, Portofino is a stop worth staying a while. While you linger there, you will want to visit the Hotel Splendido for exquisite cocktails. 

Entering the Tuscan region, Forte Dei Marmi is the cultural hub of the Italian Riviera, commonly considered the St. Tropez of Italy.

Here you can find high-end boutiques, Michelin Star restaurants and exclusive beach clubs. Spectacularly beautiful and packed with some of the region’s best restaurants, it would be a sin to watch your diet in Forte Dei Marmi.

Insider tip: While we adore every stop along the Italian Riviera, not everyone has a week to explore. If we must condense this list to a long weekend, Portofino, Cinque Terre and Forte Dei Marmi are not to be missed.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In The Italian Riviera With Ahoy Club

Booking a yacht charter in the Italian Riviera is an experience everyone should have at least once. But where to go and how to ensure you cover the best of what the region has to offer? 

Ahoy Club makes booking and planning a luxury charter of the Italian Riviera as smooth and inclusive as possible, with innovative technology and a hands-on team of regional specialists ready to craft your custom route.

Through our platform, the number one digital platform for booking a private yacht charter, you can select from thousands of available yachts to find the one just right for you. Our custom preference builder makes the deduction process effortless, presenting only those that meet your unique desires. 

Online booking convenience and a personal Customer Experience Manager ensure your luxury yacht charter in the Italian Riviera is everything you want it to be.