Yacht Charters Knidos

Cradling a picturesque port, this ancient city lies waiting

Step aboard your own luxurious private yacht and set sail for one of Turkey's greatest hidden gems. Transport yourself into the past and feel the energy of this ancient city, which has been steadfastly keeping watch over the Aegean Sea for more than 2,000 years. Let us take care of all your creature comforts when you book a luxury yacht charter in Knidos.


Knidos is an impressive sight any time of year, although the summer is undoubtedly the most popular time to visit. Sail into the ancient port city and enjoy warm, sunny weather over 30°C from June to August. There is very little shade and lots of walking involved, so be sure to pack sun protection and adequate water. There is also an onsite restaurant operating in the summertime, perfect for a break between landmarks.

In the shoulder months either side of summer, visitors can still enjoy relatively warm temperatures from low to mid 20°Cs. We recommend packing a picnic and enjoying the much less crowded area during these months. The city can get quite cold in the winter, with low temperatures compounded by frigid ocean breezes. We recommend planning your yacht charter in Knidos for warmer months.

Activities & Experiences

Held within an expansive 4km of city walls, Knidos is waiting for you to discover its secrets. Sail to this highly rated attraction in ultimate comfort and when you’re ready, your professional crew will facilitate your journey to land. While in Knidos, keep your eyes peeled for these unmissable sights:

High above the ports of Knidos lies a temple that may have been the main sanctuary in the city. Although the structure itself has not been well preserved, key elements are recognisable to the casual visitor. Part of a statue is still visible in the ruins, and an altar which would have been used for sacrifices remains. One of the more intriguing details of this structure is that several rows of stadium style seating are evident in the terrace wall above the altar. These may have been used for temple goers to witness spectacles during festivals or sacrifices.

Knidos is home to two ancient theatres, both impressive to behold. One has a seating capacity of 5,000, while the other can hold up to 20,000, giving you a clue as to their sheer size. The smaller of the two is an ideal example of a Hellenistic Greek theatre, and belongs to a sanctuary dedicated to Dionysos, god of wine, pleasure and theatre.

Visit the site of the Temple of Aphrodite, where you can still see much of the original base. Excavated in 1970, this sanctuary was dedicated to the sea goddess capacity of Aphrodite. Given the city was part of many sailors routes, this was a popular area for visitors and locals alike. This temple was also home to the infamous Aphrodite of Knidos statue, one of Greek history’s first life sized depictions of the female nude form.

Even in ruins, the former grandeur of this building is clear. A colonnade stretching more than 100m is the defining feature of this site which was most likely used for ritual banquets. It’s rumoured that this could be the famous ambulationa pensilis. If true, this building shares an architect with one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Lighthouse at Alexandria.

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