Yacht charters Bodrum

Yacht Charters Bodrum

Where Turquoise Waters Meet Anicent Castle Walls

Fall in love with the Turkish Riviera on a yacht charter to Bodrum, where turquoise waters meet at the foothills of ancient castle walls. Known as the turquoise coast, Bodrum is best seen by water on a boat charter, where you can access small islands, hidden coves, blue lagoons and accessible shorelines to drop anchor and simply swim a few metres to shore.


The Turkish Riviera, of which Bodrum is apart, enjoys a long summer season, with temperatures reaching above 30°C from May all the way through to October. As is common in the region, July to August is the high season, where tourists from all across Turkey, Europe and the world come to indulge in the long lingering sun and mouthwatering Turkish cuisine.

For those who like their summers hot with plenty of people with whom to mingle, a luxury yacht charter in Bodrum during the peak season will suit you well. If your preference is a calmer experience of the turquoise coast, May, September and October will not disappoint.

Whatever your pace, a private yacht charter in Bodrum can be carefully planned to tick every box.

Activities & Experiences

One of the most popular hubs for boats and yachts on the Western shore of Turkey, Bodrum is a lively destination catering to its diverse crowd of on-water guests. While here, you absolutely must visit

Overlooking the harbour, the Castle of St Peter is a must. Not only does it offer a stunning view, but it’s also home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, exhibiting riches recovered from more than 3,000 years of shipwrecks.

One particular highlight of the Museum is the famous Uluburun shipwreck of the 14th Century BC, where they uncovered a gold seal belonging to Queen Nefertiti and so much metal on board they would have been able to make weapons for an entire army.

With a Bodrum yacht charter, you can escape to some lesser-known areas to explore the ruins without the crowds. Knidos on the Datca peninsula is a short boat trip from Bodrum featuring what remains of the Temple of Dionysus and an amphitheatre overlooking the southern harbour.

Insider tip: There is only one restaurant at Knidos, serving unpretentious Turkish food. If you’re looking for fine dining delicacies, you’re best to return to Bodrum.

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Whether ancient history interests you or not, you can’t come near one of the seventh wonders without at least taking a look.

Built to honour and hold the remains of Mausolus of Caria, the Mausoleum dates back to 353 BC. Sadly, part of the structure was damaged during a series of earthquakes in the 15th century, but what remains is still truly a wonder.

For shopping and nightlife, Bodrum’s Cumhuriyet Caddesi area, nicknamed “Bar Street”, is where the party-people go to let their hair down.

Starting from the square in front of Bodrum Castle and winding east along the coast, Cumhuriyet Caddesi offers beachfront bars, quality cocktails and innumerable places to dance the night away.

Bodrum is quintessentially Turkish, with local produce and homemade meals reigning supreme in the culinary culture. This can make it difficult to spot a fine restaurant. Humble decor in Bodrum does not mean humble food. Here’s your guide to eating and drinking on your boat charter in Bodrum.

  • Sakii
  • Su
  • El Vino
  • Moya Brasserie
  • Kurochan by Ioki at the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum
  • Katip Coctail Bar.

Insider tip: You will want to indulge in a glass or two of wine while in Bodrum. This region has been producing wine since 2000 BC. It’s fair to say they know what they’re doing. 

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