Yacht Charters Sporades Islands

Stunning natural beauty in the heart of the Aegean Sea

Surrounded by crystal blue water and showstopping shorelines, Sporades Islands are home to secluded beaches, legendary nightlife and laid back Greek hospitality. With many hidden gems only accessible by boat, you’ll be uniquely positioned to experience everything on offer with a yacht charter in Sporades Islands.


Visitors flock to the Sporades Islands in the summertime months of June to August, lured by the promise of sunny beach days and warm starry nights. Many of the local festivals and celebrations are held in August, making this an ideal time to visit.

For those who desire a more peaceful experience, the Islands are still pleasant during many of the off-peak months. Humidity in the area means that spring and fall both enjoy reasonable temperatures. Hiking enthusiasts wishing to take advantage of the many beautiful island tracks should consider visiting in the cooler months.

Activities & Experiences

Each of the Sporades Islands has its own heartbeat and unique personality. Consider requesting some island hopping on your bespoke itinerary to make the most of these must-do activities:

The Sporades Islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, many of them on the island of Skiathos.

Lalaria Beach boasts a breathtaking landscape of white sand encircled by striking cliffs. Only accessible by boat, Lalaria simply cannot be missed.

Those seeking peaceful seclusion will enjoy Mandraki Bay Beach. Although access via road can be difficult, those able to approach via the bay will enjoy stunning views with plenty of room for everyone.

For a family friendly vibe, sail over to Koukounaries Beach. With child-friendly shallow waters and plenty of tourist amenities such as beach bars and sun loungers, this is a popular hotspot for social butterflies.

Vibrant feasts and festivals are commonly held on the islands, with visitors welcome to attend. The small village of Glossa on Skopelos island is a mecca for such events, hosting a variety of festivals throughout the year. With invigorating live music and a delectable assortment of local food and wine, the annual Feast of the Assumption celebration is not to be missed.

If you’re seeking locals of a more furry variety, you’re in luck. Found only on the relatively quiet island of Skyros, the diminutive Skryian horse has existed for more than 2,000 years. While there are only an estimated 200 remaining on the island, the Skyrian Horse Conservation Center at Mouries Farm is working to save this special breed. Horse lovers and children alike are welcome to visit the animals and learn more about the center's mission.

In Northern Skyros you’ll find the remains of an early Bronze age Neolithic site. Explore the ancient settlement of Palamari and marvel at a collection of excavated artifacts displayed in the Archeological Museum of Skyros.

In Skiathos you can visit Kastro at the northernmost point of the island. This town was once declared the capital of Skiathos due to its natural defensive terrain in the face of frequent pirate attacks. Visitors can view what remains of homes, churches and the awe inspiring original gate and drawbridge.

Boasting world class dining and 5 star hospitality, the island of Alonissos is a foodie's dream.

For a decadent meal with a show stopping view, Astrofegia Restaurant offers outdoor courtyard seating with a view that must be seen to be believed. Nestled between a traditional stone island home and the magnificent Aegean sea, Astrofegia is the perfect location for a romantic feast.

For a dining experience with a twist, the Sweet Home Hayiati is an easy choice. Surrounded by natural beauty, this delightful restaurant transforms into a lively piano bar after dark. Unwind at the end of a big day with soothing music and an expertly curated cocktail menu.

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