Yacht Charters Cyclades Islands

Celebrities, Fine Dining & Ancient Temples

Party with celebrities on Mykonos, dine atop the hills of Ios, visit the ancient temple of Portara in Naxos. The Cyclades Islands of Greece famously attract the upper echelons of the world. Celebrities, millionaires and billionaires travel en masse each summer to be seen upon their superyachts, soaking up the sun, sipping champagne and sampling the finest Greek delicacies. 
Wherever you go on your yacht charter of the Cyclades Islands, you can live a life befitting a god full of decadence and indulgence.


Uniquely open out in the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades Islands can be windy, beautifully convenient for keeping the islands temperate in the summer months, but not so inviting once the seasons start to turn. With this in mind, May to September is the ideal window to visit these islands, with June to August making up the peak season. 

Thriving on tourism, the Cyclades Islands are very seasonal. Locals work around the clock to deliver first-class service over the summer. Once the season is over, they take a much-deserved break for the colder months. As a result, there is not much to see and experience once the summer comes to a close. 

Activities & Experiences

Made up of 33 islands and islets, the Cyclades Islands offer so much, far too much to list in full detail. Consider the following advice as highlights that never fail to please our guests on luxury yacht charters of the Cyclades Islands, but be sure to seek counsel from your captain and personal Customer Experience Manager to build out an itinerary tailored exclusively to your taste.

Whether you’re an avid partygoer or not, a boat charter of the Cyclades Islands cannot miss Mykonos. This picture-perfect island is bursting with energy during the summer, with gorgeous tanned travellers feasting on the finest Greek food, sipping Ouzo and Mastika and watching the rich and famous go by. 

While there, visit the iconic windmills, the outdoor Anemo Theatre and the captivating caves of Dragonisi. Finish the day with a cocktail at Caprice, watching the sunset as the water laps at the stones by your table.

On the quiet island of Naxos can be found the remains of the gate of Portara, still erect, an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, the town of Chora has a mix of beautiful waterfront restaurants and terrace bars to watch the water and world go by. 

Insider tip: Order the potatoes. It may not be the first dish you expect to wow, but Naxos is famed for having the best potatoes in Greece. If you want to know what rave-worthy potatoes taste like, Naxos is the place. 

Perched atop Caldera, Santorini’s capital, Fira, offers breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea, where lovers gather to sip locally produced wine and indulge in internationally renowned cuisine. 

After you’ve dipped your toes in the black volcanic sand by Notos, venture over to Ovac for the island’s finest sushi and cocktails or drink Palomas at Theros Wave Bar. 

Many of the Cyclades Islands are known for their hilly landscapes with views out over the Aegean and other Cyclades Islands. Your private yacht charter of the Cyclades Islands should thus include either Ios or Sifnos or both.

Ios is the more well known of the two, with the main village perked atop a hill where every restaurant, bar and club boasts stunning views. Sifnos is then one for the active adventurers eager to walk the hilly terrain, visiting old traditional villages and the quaint Chapel of Epta Martyrs, an absolute beauty upon a lonely hill.

Near to Naxos, Paros has some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the Cyclades Islands. Yacht charter in this area is the best way to find untouched beaches with crystal clear waters and access the whitewashed cubic houses and neoclassical mansions by the marina.

The main attraction of a private yacht charter of the Cyclades Islands’ Paros is the 13th-century Venetian castle. Still well preserved, the castle sits upon a hill in the centre of Parikia, the island’s capital. There is a 6th-century church, Panayia Ekatontapyliani.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In The Cyclades Islands With Ahoy Club

Ahoy Club simplifies the booking process of a charter of the Cyclades Islands. Don’t worry about how you will decide what to see and do. Our innovative booking software and hands-on Customer Experience Managers can help design the details. All you need to do is look online, click on the experiences that best fit your wants and desires, and Ahoy Club presents the options that suit you best.

Booking online is simple, and your personal Customer Experience Manager works with you to craft your ideal charter of the Cyclades Islands, down the restaurant bookings and expert advice on where to go.