Yacht Charters Zakynthos

On The Farthest South Ionian Island, Breathtaking Landscapes Await

The farthest south of the Ionian island chain, Zakynthos, known as Zante in Italian, offers breathtaking landscapes, sugar-fine sand beaches, and picturesque turquoise waters that fill the pages of travel magazines. Its mountainous natural terrain is adorned with monasteries and quaint hilltop villages. Its coastline is dotted with coves, bays and pristine beaches.Zakynthos is home to the endangered sea turtle species, Caretta-Caretta, which hide their eggs every year in the fine white sand on this island. The Navagio shipwreck draws divers from around the world. Foodies salivate over the vineyards, olive groves and orchards.On a yacht charter of Zakythnos, every sense is heightened and delighted. Tender in and watch the mountainous coastline build before you. Sip cocktails to the sunset. Marvel at the rare sights seen only on this land.


>Zakynthos enjoys a long Mediterannean summer, spanning May all the way to October. During this entire five-month period, the island has a steady flow of guests arriving by private yacht charter to Zakynthos island. May is the spring shoulder month. Its crisp morning air is ideal for those who don’t love the oppressive summer heat. 

The middle months of June, July and August make up the peak of the Zakythose yacht charter season. The average temperature sits around the high 20°Cs and early 30°Cs. Bronzed bodies line the beaches. Beautiful people glide atop their charters, and the energy of the island is electrified by sunseekers from all around the world. 

For something a little calmer but warmer than May, October is the sweet spot. The temperatures are still teasing the high 20°Cs while averaging the mid 20°Cs, and the crowds have died down as the world goes back to work post-summer break.

Activities & Experiences

Zakynthos is a destination best explored by water with just the occasional trip on land to see the key sights and dance the night away.

When confirming the itinerary for your luxury yacht charter of Zakynthos, make sure these beaches and waterborne sights feature in your plans.

Agios Sostis: A tiny island of unparalleled beauty, with unique rock formations, pine trees and small caves.

Laganas Beach: Part of the Greek National Marine Park, this is a protected beach where the endangered sea turtle, Caretta-Caretta, lays its eggs each year. 

Shipwreck Beach: In 1980, the MV Panayiotis shipwrecked on Navagio Beach, now known primarily as Shipwreck Beach. Already this beach was captivating, with electric blue water from the sulphurous caves nearby. The shipwreck only added its spectacular allure. This beach is accessible only by boat. 

The Blue Caves of Zakynthos: Accessible only by sea, your boat charter of Zakynthos can take you here to one of Zakynthos’ main attractions. As the name suggests, the Blue Caves are distinct by the vivid blue waters within them. These magical waters reflect the light and dance on the walls, making for a dazzling experience. 

Xigia Sulphur Beach: Set between two cliffs, Xigia has collagen and sulphur filled natural springs that flow into the sea. Mixing with the seawater, these springs are highly therapeutic and deeply relaxing. They are said to be helpful, in particular, for rheumatism, arthritis and skin conditions. 

Other noteworthy beaches worth a visit are Gerakas beach, Vasilikos beach, and Spiantza beach.

While it’s known for its waters, Zakynthos is equally beautiful on land, a perfect vantage point from which to appreciate the expansive seas surrounding it. Zakynthos Town is a cosmopolitan town loaded with boutiques, cafes, tavernas and quaint shops all along the waterfront where you can sit and watch passersby. It’s also home to most of the main on-land attractions. 

  • Venetian Castle: Above the town, on the hill of Bohali, is a castle from its Venetian era with a fantastic view over the town and along the Ionian Sea.
  • Saint Mark Square: A beautiful square with whitewashed buildings surrounding Saint Mark’s Roman Catholic Church. For the church or the vibrant atmosphere of the square, it’s worth a visit.
  • Dionysios Solomos Square: The largest square in Zakynthos Town, Dionysios Solomos Square is marked by its statue of Dionysios Solomos, a Zakynthos born poet whose words, after his death, were used to form the Greek National Anthem.

Out of the centre, a little, Cebu Zakynthos is the island’s most famous party venue. Sitting on the water, it serves fine cuisine and cocktails before opening up later in the evenings, transforming into a dance club.

Whether you want to party into the early hours or simply sample the culinary delights, Cebu Zakynthos impresses on all fronts.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Zakynthos With Ahoy Club

Ahoy Club makes booking a charter in Zakynthos a smooth experience with all the luxuries included. We blend innovative technology with first-class customer service to create a world-leading booking platform and experience. Here’s how we do it. 

Online our proprietary software walks you through a series of questions to quickly uncover your desires. Even if you aren’t sure what you want, our software is designed to help you discover this through the carefully considered questions. With just a few answers, we know the features you expect and match you only with the vessels that match those expectations. 

From the relevant charter options, you can find the one that piques your interest, book in just a few clicks and then it’s over to our customer support staff to bring your itinerary to life. 

Every booking is paired with an Ahoy Customer Experience Manager who acts as the liaison between you and your captain. Your CEM is your advisor and planner who can help you discover the best the island has to offer and ensure it’s all booked into your itinerary before embarking on your journey. With the help of your CEM, every detail is sorted, and all you need to do is relax and enjoy.