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Visit The World Famous Mellissini Cave And Explore Beauty In Kefalonia

Limestone cliffs and winding pathways along rolling hills make Kefalonia one of the most beautiful Ionian islands from which to take in 350-degree views out to the turquoise blue Ionian Sea. For hikers, families or travellers seeking a slower pace of the good life, a yacht charter to Kefalonia delivers on all fronts.It’s on Kefalonia that you will find the world-famous Mellissini cave. A vivid blue oasis where stalactites drip down from the ceiling and reflections of the dramatic blue waters dance across the water and the walls. On your private yacht charter of Kefalonia, you can tender to the cave, swap to a kayak or simply swim, and immerse yourself in this other world.On land, Kefalonia is made up of quaint sleepy villages, hiking trails for every fitness level and divine beaches on which to lounge the days away. 


In the northwestern part of Greece, Kefalonia has a cooler climate when compared with archipelagos down south. Nonetheless, the season stretches for five long, glorious months. It’s wise to pack a jacket or shawl for the evening breeze. Particularly in the late spring and early fall, the shoulder months of May and October, the temperatures can dip a little to the low to mid 20°Cs. 

The days are bright and warm during June, July and August, teasing 30°Cs for most of the latter two months. After a long summer day soaking up the sun, the evening breeze will be a welcome reprieve.  

For a luxury yacht charter in Kefalonia, this entire season is idyllic. Onboard you have all the necessary heating comforts. Cool breeze or not, your yacht charter caters to all your comforts.

Activities & Experiences

Kefalonia has not one but two jaw-dropping caves that are like something out of a fantasy novel.

The first, Melissini, is known around the world. Reaching the cave from the water, you swim or kayak in to find a blue paradise, where different shades of electric blue shimmer across the walls and stalactites defy gravity as they jut down from above.

There is even a lake inside the cave with trees and forestry surrounding it. You will never see anything else quite like it in your life.

Lesser known is Drogarati. Drogarati is one to explore on foot, so it lacks the star attraction of Melissini. Still, it’s breathtaking and even more impressive, considering it is suspected to be roughly 150 million years old. It’s 60m deep and was found 300 years ago when an earthquake revealed the cave’s entrance.

Close to the village of Argostoli, The Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi is constructed with 20 columns and stands eight metres tall on a man-made peninsula.

It was built in 1828 by Charles Napier, a British administrator who ruled the island at the time.

Myrtos Beach is worth a visit any time of day. The water is crystal clear blue. Hills stretch out into the sea, from high in the mountains on the shore. There’s no wonder it’s regularly featured in travel magazines.

For a unique view of this beautiful bay, it’s best to visit it at sunset. Climb (or drive) to the hills overlooking the beach and take in the pastel hues as the sun rises out of the water.

Above the village of Peratata, the Castle of St George is a Venetian castle that was originally built in the 12th century by the Byzantines but was given its current form by the Venetians in 1504.

It used to be home to an organised town and featured residencies, public buildings, hospitals, prisons and churches.

When pulling up on your boat charter to Kefalonia, one of your stops will likely be the glamourous port of Fiskardo.

Here there are restaurants, tavernas and bars all around. During the summer, it’s also a magnet for superyachts, an ideal spot to watch the world’s VIPs pull into port to explore the island. 

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Kefalonia With Ahoy Club

Making your dream of a Kefalonia yacht charter come true, Ahoy Club makes it simple to match your desires to the vessels best suited to your needs. We do this with a combination of leading technology and hands-on expertise.

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