Yacht Charters Corfu

Located On The Northernmost Tip Of The Ionian Islands

Rugged, multicultural and cosmopolitan, Corfu has been strongly influenced by the Venetians, the French and the English. These influences have left a unique history and culture on the island, with architecture, cuisine and cultural quirks individual to Corfu.Part of the long stretching Ionian island archipelago — which covers the entire west coast of Greece –, Corfu sits at the northernmost tip. It’s lush and green, set to a mountainous backdrop, a dramatic setting of stunning beauty with quaint villages, fashionable harbours and coves all along the coastline, accessible only by boat. 
On a yacht charter of Corfu, you can spend blissful days tendering from cove to cove, hike to mountain tops or people-watch in the vibrant cosmopolitan squares of Corfu Town.


Situated in the northwest of Greece, the Corfu climate is cooler than you will find in the east or south, but it is still Greece and the summer season is gloriously long. From May through to October, boats come out in droves on their private yacht charter of Corfu. The temperatures on the shoulder months of May and October may warrant some warmer clothing, but daily temperatures still average in the mid 20°Cs. 

If cooler temperatures don’t appeal for your summer holiday, June, July, and August deliver high 20°C days, often tipping over 30°C during July and August. This period is the busiest for charters in Corfu. You will see the sea dotted with superyachts, beautiful people on deck and bustling streets of holidaymakers soaking up the Greek sun. 

Insider tip: If you book during the peak season, you will need to make reservations to ensure you can get into your desired restaurants. Your Ahoy Customer Experience Manager can handle this for you if you let them know what type of bookings you would like.

Activities & Experiences

Some have dubbed Corfu the Queen of the Ionian. Since ancient times it has drawn waterborne explorers to its shores and dazzled them with its lush countryside, historic landmarks and pristine beaches. Here the holidays are all about sun, sea and living the high life.

On a luxury yacht charter of Corfu, the waterborne destinations have to be a top priority.

Paleokastritsa beach is located in one of Corfu’s most picturesque villages. Your shoreline backdrop features the ruined castle of Paleokastritsa, which overlooks the bay where you can drop anchor and delight in the sun and scenery.

Limni, Paradise, Stelari, Giali and Iliodoros are perfect diving or snorkelling spots to drop anchor and explore the aquamarine waters and the marine life that abound within them. Here you can spot jacks, tuna and anthia swimming about the reefs, caves and seafloor canyons.

Porto Timoni is a double beach on the west coast. It’s difficult to reach by car, making it an exclusive spot for those travelling by boat or dedicated hikers traversing the terrain. Here is the ideal spot to pull out the water toys. Separated by a ridge of Mediterranean scrubland, the two beaches each lookout to different islands. One toward Mathraki and the other to Agios Georgios village.

Mouse Island, actually named Pontikonissi Islet, is just to the south of Corfu. Covered in green shrubbery and trees, it’s a tranquil destination on which the tiny Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator sits on the top of a hill. Just once a year, on the 6th of August, this monster opens to the public.

Cape Drastis on the northwest is a picture-perfect location to drop anchor. It’s remote and hard to access by land, making it quiet and hidden from most tourists on the island. The cliffs are lined below with sea caves and tranquil sandy beaches.

Insider tip: Cape Drastis can be windy, so you will need to check the conditions before you visit to make sure the weather is just right for a still stop on its waters.

Corfu has a long history, with archaeological evidence suggesting the island has had developing human societies since the Palaeolithic Era. Remnants of its ancient past can be found all around the island: 

  • Old Town: Find here the Tower of the Sea (a.k.a. the Old Fortress), built by the Venetians in the 15th Century.
  • Achilleion Palace: Once home to the Empress of Austria-Hungary, Elizabeth and the Kaiser William II of Germany at another point in history.

As one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece, Corfu has a thriving party scene and one venue, in particular, that is famous among clubbers both locally and abroad.

54 Dreamy Nights fits more than 3000 patrons and hosts both international and Greek DJs within its walls, with a ceiling that can open up to transform the atmosphere into an epic outdoor party.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Corfu With Ahoy Club

Booking a boat charter of Corfu has never been simpler than with Ahoy Club. We take care of the arduous process of elimination, using innovative technology to provide you with only the most suitable charters to suit your needs. In just a few steps, we help you to narrow down your criteria and use that information to sort through the 4000+ vessels on our platform. Within minutes, you have a handful of Corfu yacht charters to select and a booking process that can be conveniently confirmed in just a few clicks.

Once the booking is made, the fun truly begins. All bookings are partnered with an Ahoy representative, a Customer Experience Manager, who is responsible for bringing the finer details of your charter to Corfu alive. Your CEM helps to book restaurants and activities and can advise you on the best itinerary depending on your unique interests and tastes. All CEMs are experts in the regions they work within.

They have in-person experience on the island. They know who to call for last-minute access to exclusive destinations, and they act as a liaison between you and your captain to ensure you don’t have a thing to think about once you embark on your charter.