Yacht Charters Ionian Islands

Welcome To The Ionian Islands

Natural beauty abounds on the Ionian Islands, with rugged landscapes turning from arid to lush green as you tender from one destination to another, absorbing each in all their glory.Said to have lured ancient gods, the Ionian Islands have been written about and romanticized since ancient times. On a yacht charter of the Ionian Islands, it’s easy to see why.Offering some of the most spectacular landscapes and seascapes in the Mediterranean, the Ionian Islands are best done by charter boat, where you can gaze out in awe as these pristine islands climb out of the water ahead. 


Spanning almost the entire way along the Western Greek coast, the Ionian Islands can all experience very different weather conditions. In the lush green North, you will find Corfu a little cooler than Zakinthos in the South. During the peak summer months, June to August, the weather is warm wherever you are. The differences in the regions will be minimal. 

In the shoulder months of May and September, the weather can still be spectacular. Depending on how long you’re booking your private yacht charter of the Ionian Islands, you may want to time your itinerary with the weather change. During May, it’s best to start in Zakinthos, where it will be warmer, before working your way up to Corfu as the temperatures rise. While September, the opposite would be advised to follow the summer sun

Activities & Experiences

Farther apart than most Greek island clusters, a yacht charter across the Ionian Sea involves a lot of time onboard your yacht. The seascape and the changing landscapes are perfect for families or friends wanting to relax onboard, sipping champagne on the deck and jumping in the water with no one else in sight. 

There is so much to see and do when you reach these islands — seven main islands and many smaller islets. 

Rugged mountains and old Venetian architecture make Corfu and its old town a spectacular stop on your luxury yacht charter of the Ionian Islands.

One of the largest islands, Corfu, is the most lively. Put on your dancing shoes are party the night away at 54 dreamy nights. 

Quaint seaside villages, raw, untouched beauty and steep cliffs make up the Lefkada landscape. Windsurfers should make their way to Vassiliki, where reliable winds make perfect conditions all summer long.

Stop onshore to treat yourself at Amente Restaurant and Cocktail Bar.

Contrasting colours of dense forest green and sparkling turquoise waters make Meganisi one of the most beautiful stops on your Ionian Islands yacht charter.

Perfect for snorkelling, floating atop the water or absorbing the sight while sipping cocktails on the deck.

The final stop of your charter of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is a bustling cosmopolitan island where you can shop at luxurious boutiques, dine at fine restaurants and indulge in any number of sweet treats.

It’s also a natural delight with spectacular beaches: Agios, Nikolaos and Navagio, home to an iconic shipwreck.

The smallest of the Ionian Islands, Paxi is a destination of natural wonders, with quiet coves, unique arches and a much-loved beach bar, Ben’s Bar on Monodendri Beach.

Next door is its even smaller island sibling, Antipaxos, where you can find perfect snorkelling conditions in the crystal clear blue waters of Voutoumi Beach.

Home of the Odysseus Temple, Ithaca’s fame dates back to ancient times, when Homer’s mythical hero, Odysseus, was told to have ended his quest on these shores.

On land, you can find tales of this story at every turn, with ancient ruins and a statue of the King himself. Once done, stop by Dodoni for ice cream.

Limestone cliffs and winding pathways along rolling hills make Kefalonia the best island to hike and reward yourself with spectacular 360-degree views of the ocean.

In the water, the iconic Mellissini cave transports you to another world where stalactites drip down from the ceiling and shades of blue dance along the walls.

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