Yacht Charters Dodecanese Islands

Dreamy island hopping in the tranquil Aegean Sea

Named for the 12 largest landmasses in the close knit cluster, the Greek Dodecanese Islands are renowned for their relaxing beaches and fascinating medieval architecture. Each destination has its own unique character and attractions to offer, but there’s no need to choose between them. The island hopping vacation of a lifetime is made possible with a yacht charter in the Dodecanese Islands.


Island life is at its most enticing in the summer months, between June and mid-September. Everything moves a little slower this time of year, as visitors and locals alike absorb the romantic laid-back atmosphere. While daytime temperatures hover around 30°C for most of the season, the region can experience heatwaves. It’s advisable to pack plenty of water for day trips.

For visitors who are mainly interested in viewing the many ruins of ancient Greece, the slightly cooler temperatures in Spring and Autumn are perfect for lengthy hikes and excursions. Rain becomes more frequent from mid-October onward. It is advisable to plan any outdoor attraction tours before the rainier months occur.

Activities & Experiences

Simply cruising the sparkling Aegean Sea onboard your private yacht might be enough adventure for some. If you decide to trade your attentive crew and luxury surrounds for an Island adventure, we’ve curated some must-see attractions worthy of your time:

Located on Rhodes (the largest and arguably most popular of the Dodecanese Islands), the Acropolis of Lindos is an expansive ancient ruin. With striking cliff landscapes which served as natural fortification, parts of the acropolis are more than 2,500 years old.

Visit the postcard-pretty Symi Island and be enchanted by its iconic pastel coloured townhouses and wooden fishing boats. With considerable old-world charm, Symi Island is home to dense forests ideal for hiking. Your foodie companions will be delighted with the many seaside restaurants serving some of the freshest seafood and traditional delicacies Greece has to offer.

Another of Rhodes' popular attractions is the Valley of the Butterflies. Formerly known as the Petaloudes Valley, thousands of butterflies descend in the area each summer. See how many species you can spot, and enjoy the only natural Oriental Sweetgum forest in Europe.

Visit the island of Kos to take in an ancient gymnasium dating from the 3rd century BC. 17 restored columns of the initial 81 showcase the original Doric style of construction. While many of the original features no longer exist, visitors can learn about what these facilities looked like in their prime, and what kind of athletes were frequent guests.

A truly spectacular attraction, this well preserved, walled town is the oldest continuously inhabited medieval city in Europe. An official UNESCO World Heritage site, visitors can view the original fourteenth century walls which once fortified the city. The walls alone were built over a period of 200 years, the ancient construction of which has clearly stood the test of time.

On the Northern side of the island Karpathos separated by a narrow strait, is the islet of Saria. It is thought that Saria and Karpathos were once a single landmass until they were parted by an earthquake. Accessible only by boat, visitors will be impressed by secluded beaches with white sand and clear blue water. Imposing cliffs and deep caves make this islet feel a world away from reality, with its only inhabitants being a mere few shepherds and their stock.

For a seaside excursion with a twist, take a trip to Thermes beach on the island of Kos. Not your average seaside destination, this area is famed for its unusual qualities. Thanks to the volcanic centers located on Kos, Thermes beach has an unusual landscape of black pebbles and open hot springs. Locals and visitors alike flock to the springs for their lauded therapeutic powers.

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