Yacht Charters Naxos

Small Coves, Uncrowded Beaches and Stunning Cobalt Blue Water

Naxos is one of the calmer islands in the Cyclades, often overlooked by visitors to the region, much to their misfortune. Unbeknownst to many, Naxos boasts some regional #1s that set it apart from its neighbours. It’s the largest of the Cyclades Islands. It’s the greenest of the Cyclades Islands. It has the longest soft sand beach in the Cyclades Islands. And it is known to have the best potatoes in all of Greece. It’s an odd flex, to be sure, but you’ll understand the hype when you get to try them first-hand. A culinary experience not to be missed.Tendering in on your yacht charter to Naxos, you are greeted by a towering ancient structure, the Portara, the gate of an ancient temple, still erect, dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Ancient sites abound on this island. Everywhere you look, there are awe-inspiring scenes. From the Venetian and Frank architecture and ruins to the breathtakingly beautiful beaches and narrow winding roads that lead up to open vistas from which you can watch epic sunsets over the sea.
Along the coastline, the island is fringed with small coves where you can stop on your luxury yacht charter of Naxos to find sandy, uncrowded beaches with stunning cobalt blue waters.


Naxos and the other Cyclades Islands have a distinct summer season where tourists take over the islands, and Naxos yacht charter can be found tendering all around the coastline. This runs from May to September, with the peak months being June, July and August. 

During these peak months, the sun is warm and bronzed bodies line the beaches. The whitewashed houses bounce light back from every angle, so tans on these islands glow more golden than in other island clusters. On Naxos, these peak months are spent lounging on sunbeds during the day and filling the towns in the evening for traditional and contemporary cuisine of first-class standards. 

Even the shoulder months of May and September are perfect for a private yacht charter of Naxos. Being open to the Aegean, it does get windy on the island, cooling the air in the evening, but the days are warm and welcoming. The water remains inviting. Charter prices are reduced, but the quality of the experience is not.

Activities & Experiences

The primary goals all travellers of Naxos should have are to explore, lounge and feast. Whatever your interests, this diverse island can accommodate.

Strongly influenced by the Venetians and the Franks, there are many remnants of Naxos’ ancient past that can be found on the island. To witness Portara up close is an experience that fills one with wonder.

Naxos Castle (Kastro) is the old Venetian town of Naxos which once served as a fortress of Sanoudos in Chora. The ancient temple of Demeter dates back to the 6th century BC. 

Further inland on the island is Kalamitsia, a deserted Jesuit Monastery and the Statues of Kouros, which can be seen in the villages of Melanes and Apollonas.

Naxos’ natural beauty extends to its beaches, some of the best in the Cyclades. Our personal favourites are Aliko, Plaka and Agios Prokopios beaches. As you tender to these shores, drop anchor at the many small coves where the crowds are thinner, and tranquillity awaits.

Naxos is the perfect island for water sports if lounging is not your speed. Pull out the jetski on board and fly across the crystal clear sea. Or try your hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing. The openness to the Aegean makes the conditions for these sports perfect almost 100% of the time. Mikri Vigla is a particularly hot spot for these activities.

Insider tip: Even if you don’t care to kitesurf yourself, spend some time near one of the main beaches for this sport and marvel at the way these athletes navigate the winds and fly through the air.

As the greenest island in the Cyclades, Naxos is home to imposing mountains, green valleys and gorgeous rural villages where donkeys roam, and open fields abound.

Hikers may wish to walk Mount Zas, the tallest mountain of Naxos and the Cyclades. If you prefer a quaint village with great views, Potamia Naxos, just 9 kilometres from Naxos Town, is perched on a hillside and surrounded by glorious green nature.

At Chora, Naxos’ main centre, a wide range of tantalising waterfront restaurants serve up high-quality meals. At 520 Cocktail Bar, you can sit on the terrace and watch the bustle of the restaurants beneath, take in the sunset and then make your way to a table downstairs.

As we’ve said, be sure to try the potatoes.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Naxos With Ahoy Club

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