Yacht Charters St Lucia

Yacht Charters St Lucia

One Of The Finest Locations In The Caribbean

Known to be the most naturally beautiful of the Caribbean islands, St Lucia is not just pretty to pass by. It’s an island you want to step onto and fully breathe in. From onboard your luxury yacht charter to St Lucia, the temptation to step ashore will be strong.

Sailing toward the island, the double peaks of the Piton mountains are a jaw-dropping sight piquing the curiosity of waterborne travellers. Whether you stop here as part of a Caribbean charter or take your yacht charter to St Lucia exclusively, this is an island to spend some time, soak in the scenery and enjoy the best diving conditions in the Caribbean.


There is not really a bad time to book a boat charter in St Lucia. But there is a wet and a dry season. While it’s gloriously warm all year round. You may prefer the option to keep dry on deck. Thus, the peak season is winter: November to February. With temperate 25˚C – 30˚C days and very little chance of rain, winter in St Lucia is a tropical dream.

The shoulder months of October and March are also beautiful, and charter prices are much lower. If you don’t mind a chance of rain (while temperatures stay well above 25˚C), then the shoulder months may be the perfect time to book your St Lucia yacht charter.

Activities & Experiences

For divers, hikers, nature lovers and those who like all that, along with the utmost luxury, St Lucia’s rugged mountains, resorts, beaches and hinterland offer awe-inspiring scenes waiting to be uncovered. A private yacht charter to St Lucia should look a little something like this.

St Lucia’s Piton mountains are iconic. The twin peaks dominate the island’s skyline and are the first sight to greet visitors as they tender to shore on their yacht charter to St Lucia. Covered in thick jungle-like foliage, rising 800m above the sea in a sheer wall from bottom to top, these dormant volcanos are an attraction all on their own.

Located in the southwest part of the island, hikers can anchor beneath and make their way up Gros Piton, the largest of the two peaks

Once you’ve made it to the top of Gros Piton, there’s no need to walk all the way back down. From the top, you can simply fly down on a zipline.

Assuming you’re not afraid of heights, there is no better way to take in a treetop view of the Piton mountains than to fly through them on a wire as you head back down to sea level.

Whatever your style, be it five-star restaurants and cocktail bars, or local unpretentious rum bars, the best way to top off a day on St Lucia is with a rum-based drink in hand. Hurricane Hole at the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina is one of our favourites.

Another St Lucian claim to fame is its diving conditions. Of all the Caribbean, St Lucia is most often touted as the best to encounter sea life. The waters surrounding the island are brimming with marine life.

Migratory whales pass these waters in the winter months (the peak season to charter here), and there are vibrant indigenous aquatic species visible here all year round.

The bests places to snorkel or scuba dive are:

  • The coral reef around Anse Chastanet
  • Soufriere Marine Park
  • Anse Cochon
  • Grand Anse.

If you prefer to be atop the water, there are so many water sports you can try in St Lucia. Book a deep-sea fishing adventure. Try your hand at windsurfing. Or rent a kayak and take your own tour of the island.

Anywhere you anchor is a perfect spot to pill out the water toys you have onboard your yacht charter of St Lucia and enjoy bobbing on the water at high speeds.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In St Lucia With Ahoy Club

Ahoy Club’s online booking system has been voted #1 in the world. Over our 10+ years in yacht charter booking services, we’ve perfected the customer experience and blended nascent technology with hands-on service to deliver unparalleled charter bookings.

First, we have developed an innovative online booking platform that helps you quickly identify what you expect from your charter. We learn what you need in just a few clicks and present you exclusively with the vessels that meet those needs. From over 4000 charters, you are presented with only those relevant to your search. From these carefully curated options, you can easily assess and select the charter you prefer, and bookings are processed in just a few simple steps.

Once your booking is made, we connect you with a Customer Experience Manager who acts as your personal liaison between you and your captain to work out your itinerary. Your CEM is an expert in the region and can help to inspire you with possible activities, restaurants and attractions. They make sure that every detail is set, and once onboard, you can just sit back and let your captain guide the way.