Yacht Charters Martinique

Martinique—St. Lucia's overlooked sister island—is a captivating Caribbean combination of deep rainforest, rocky cliffside terrain, white-sand beaches and the calmest, clearest waters you'll ever lay eyes on. Add to that its French and Creole influences, and it's easy to see why Martinique boasts a charm that sits near to the heart.

Spend your days lounging on the deck of your private yacht and take in the stunning views of the Caribbean coastline as you sail from port to port. With crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches, a yacht charter in Martinique is the perfect way to experience all this captivating island has to offer.

Beneath the surface, you'll find an island bustling with activity—from world-renowned scuba diving and snorkelling to championship golfing and hiking. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, there's no shortage of shopping, dining and nightlife options to keep you busy.


Martinique enjoys year-round sunshine, with average temperatures of 28°C. The trade winds pick up from December to April, making this the ideal time of year for sailing.

The island is also popular with cruisers and charter guests during the hurricane season, from June to November. However, we recommend the "winter" months - November to February - when the chances of a storm are low, and the sailing conditions are nothing short of excellent.

Martinique also boasts many great events during this season, including the Martinique Yacht Show, the Carnaval International de Martinique and the Festival Musique et Nature.

The Martinique Yacht Show is one of the most popular yachting events in the Caribbean and takes place every year in early December. This event attracts some of the world's most prestigious yacht owners and charter guests, as well as top international yacht brokers and charter companies.

The Carnaval International de Martinique is one of the most popular cultural events on the island and takes place every year in February. This event celebrates the island's African and Creole heritage with a parade of colourful costumes, music and dance.

The Festival Musique et Nature is an annual event that takes place in February and celebrates the island's nature and wildlife. This event features a variety of musical performances, as well as talks and walks through the island's rainforest.

Activities & Experiences

While on your private yacht charter in Martinique, be sure to spend some time exploring the island's many beaches. From the white sand beaches of the north to the black sand beaches of the south, there is a beach to suit everyone's taste. Our personal favourites are:

  • The Belem at Le CapAnse Noire:
  • to see the charming black sand beach; and
  • Anse Dufour:
  • the sister bay of The Belem, with its white-sand beach
  • Au trou Cochon:
  • an intimate little swimming hole with transparent waters that can only be reached by boat.
Continuing your exploration of the best natural site, hikers will adore the Presqu'ile de la Caravelle. This requires an entire day to trek atop rugged cliffs along the water's edge. The beautiful cove of Anse Turin offers a great place to relax and enjoy a refreshing swim after your hike. For a historical look at the island, your must visit the La Savane des Esclaves. This historic site is home to a number of important archaeological remains, as well as a museum that tells the story of the island's slave history. For those who enjoy a challenge, the island's golf courses are some of the best in the Caribbean. With three championship courses to choose from, there is sure to be a course to suit your skill level. Finally, the island's capital, Fort-de-France, is a great place to explore. There is something for everyone with its French colonial architecture, chic boutiques, and lively bars and restaurants. The best place to drop anchor on your luxury yacht charter in Martinique is in the sheltered bay of Grand Anse des Salines. This is one of the island's most popular beaches and is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the incredible views.

What to expect when booking a yacht charter in Martinique with Ahoy Club

When you book a boat charter in Martinique with Ahoy Club, you can expect nothing less than the perfect yachting experience, from booking to embarking and beyond.

Our world-class booking technology makes identifying your Martinique yacht charter easier than ever, whether you're looking for a catamaran, motor yacht or sailing yacht. Our innovative platform pairs you with only the relevant boats according to your discerning tastes.

Once you've found your dream yacht, our Customer Experience Managers take care of all the details of your charter, from the food and drink to the activities and excursions. They can offer recommendations, liaise with your captain and ensure that all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your time on the island.