Yacht Charters St Martin

The Culinary Capital Of the Caribbean

Half French, half Dutch, St Martin – known as Sint Maarten (on the Dutch side) and Saint Martin (on the French side) – is a vibrant island with a unique culture fusing French, Dutch, Caribbean and Creole influences. With picturesque lagoons, beaches and colonial-style buildings, St Martin is a popular destination for cruise ships and luxury yachts.
Around Simpson Bay, the waters are dotted with yacht charters of St Martin and beautiful bronzed people glistening in the sun. Marigot Bay offers European quality French pastries, and all over the island are exquisite restaurants. Often touted as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, St Martin is the place to treat yourself to a divine Caribbean fusion feast


TSt Martin offers tropical sunshine all year round. However, there is a distinct rainy season, complete with intense humidity, making the “winter” months far more desirable than the Caribbean summer. 

This winter season runs from November to March, reaching its height in December and January, when the parties are aplenty, and the island’s tourists stand shoulder to shoulder as they hustle through the towns. The energy during these two months is electric. Bars, restaurants and beaches are full of smiling visitors enjoying the holiday period. 

During these months, temperatures sit between the mid to high 20°Cs, and it is dry compared to the summer.  

For a calmer private yacht charter of St Martin, we recommend booking in the shoulder months – November, February or March – when the temperatures are still stunning and the charter costs are much lower.

Activities & Experiences

Both on land and on the water, there is a lot to see and do on a luxury yacht charter of St Martin.

Anse Marcel Beach: Anse Marcel is a beachside luxury resort that sits in a discreet, secluded cove in the French part of St Martin. Lounges line the white sandy beach, bungalows are available by the pool, boats anchor in the private bay, and every luxury is available through the Anse Marcel private resort.

Simpson Bay: Simpson Bay is an inland lagoon, one of the largest in the West Indies of the Caribbean. It straddles the French and Dutch parts of the island and has two small islands in the middle. Protected, it is home to vibrant aquatic life. The perfect location to snorkel and tender to its small islands.

Maho Beach: Maho Beach is famous for its jaw-dropped proximity to the airport runway, where commercial jumbo jets sweep overhead and feel so close you could almost touch them. Naturally, that’s not the most relaxing place to lounge, but it is a sight that fascinates the internet and travellers alike.
Tintamarre: Tintamarre is a small island just 2 miles northeast of St Martin. It’s part of a Nature Reserve, a peaceful little haven surrounded by the ocean. There is a wonderful skin cleansing mud bath here, also.

In the Dutch part of the island is the Sint Maarten zip line, the steepest zip line in the world with a drop of more than one thousand feet, travelling 2,800 feet along the cable line. 

If adrenaline and heights are not your idea of a day well spent, you may prefer a visit to Mullet Bay and its 18-hole golf course

St Martin enjoys tax-free status, making it the ideal destination to pick up duty-free watches, jewellery, liquor and more.

The capital of the Dutch side, Philipsburg, is where you will discover the best range of designer stores on the island. Front Street is the main place for duty-free shopping. You can expect it to be busy.

St Martin enjoys tax-free status, making it the ideal destination to pick up duty-free watches, jewellery, liquor and more.

More than 140 different nationalities call St Martin home. Over many decades, the island inhabitants have influenced cuisine, blending recipes and creating fusions so exquisite and unique. No boat charter of St Martin is complete without a few meals at one of the many stand-out restaurants. Our favourites are: 

  • Holland House Beach for five-star Dutch Caribbean fusion cuisine served to tables on the beach in a quaint colonial-style building.
  • Marios Bistro for unpretentious decor and fabulous European fusion cuisine, set by the water where boats bob out front and travellers float past.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In St Martin With Ahoy Club

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