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Experience a tropical paradise like no other

Where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean collide, the tranquil Leeward Islands lie. Spend your days lounging on white sand beaches, exploring leafy jungles and meeting the fun loving locals. At the end of each day, retreat to your exclusive private deck on board your floating home away from home. Experience all this and more with a yacht charter in Leeward Islands.


Is there ever a bad time to visit a tropical paradise? We say never; however we can help you plan your trip to take advantage of the most optimal conditions.

The Leeward islands are best enjoyed in the first half of the year between January and July. With temperatures typically ranging between 25°C and 34°C during the day, these months are perfect for enjoying sun kissed beaches and exploring tropical landscapes. While the humidity ensures you won’t need anything heavier than a light cover up for the evenings, it may feel oppressive to some. If you find yourself particularly affected by humid conditions, we recommend visiting between January and April, when conditions are somewhat drier. July to October can bring hurricane conditions. Although rare, it may be best to avoid these months to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ideal weather: 25 – 32°C
peak season
25 - 28°C
25 - 28°C
26 - 29°C
26 - 29°C
27 - 30°C
28 - 31°C
28 - 31°C
28 - 31°C
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28 - 31°C
27 - 29°C
24 - 27°C

Activities & Experiences

Whether you prefer to spend your days lazily sailing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean or some fast-paced island hopping is more your speed, the Leeward islands have you covered. With activities for adrenaline junkies, relaxation seekers and everyone in between, this idyllic paradise is bursting with opportunities for excitement and contemplation. When you book a yacht charter in Leeward Islands with Ahoy Club, we recommend these must-see activities:

On the north side of the alluring Curacao Island lie the awe inspiring Hato Caves. More than 300,000 years old, this unique limestone cave attraction is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cave systems in the area. Formed in marine coral limestone, the expansive area covers approximately 4,900 square metres. Admire some 1,500 year old cave drawings before taking a stroll in the nearby cactus garden.

For a truly cinematic beach going experience, ensure you schedule some time to relax at Blue Bay Beach on Curacao Island. With its seemingly endless stretch of white sand beach, sparkling blue water and sheltered bay conditions, Blue Bay is the perfect location for a day in the sun. With ample facilities, a great onsite restaurant and bar and a well appointed children's play area, this beach is suitable for all members of the family. The nearby water sports centre offers a wide variety of activities generally available on short notice.

Slather on some SPF and turn up the Beach Boys, it’s time to visit Kokomo Beach. With monthly full moon parties, this is the place every party animal needs to be. Enjoy refreshing cocktails while paddling in the turquoise waters, take an iconic photo on the partially submerged Kokomo swing set and rub shoulders with the friendly locals.

Rising 2385 feet above the tranquil lagoon at its feet, this breathtaking volcano is an unmistakable landmark that can be seen from anywhere on the island of Otemanu. Recruit a local guide to hike to the base. We recommend anyone attempting the hike have a medium level of fitness and an above average sense of adventure!

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