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Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

A tropical metropolis, Nassau is the capital and cultural hub of the Bahamas. Discover the history of the pirates of Nassau, explore exotic tropical gardens full of parrots and flamingos, and shipwreck diving in hidden coves and isles.  The best time to visit the islands are November to mid-April. Watch out for hurricane season from July to October.

Ideal weather: 21 – 25°C


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Go diving for sunken Spanish Galleons, dine on Bahamian cuisine of unique tropical fruit, seafood and spices, or learn about the history of pirates at the Pirates of Nassau Museum.

The legendary pirate, Blackbeard, and other notorious pirates such as Calico Jack and Anne Bonny ruled the waters of the Bahamas. A true “pirate paradise”, Nassau provided perfect hiding places with its numerous islands and inlets for capturing vessels and their precious cargo. The late 1600’s to the early 1700’s is known as the Age of Piracy, and their exploits and legends have been passed down as an important part of the Bahamas and Nassau’s history.

Take in the beautiful views of the north eastern harbour of the island atop Blackbeard’s tower, or take a stroll through history in the old colonial houses. If it’s Boxing Day, you might even find yourself in a Junkanoo, a street parade with traditional music, dancing and costumes.

Snorkel, dive and explore the gorgeous white sand beaches and sky-blue waters that lured legendary pirates, privateers and buccaneers of the past and the adventure seekers of today.

Activities & Experiences

Exploring Nassau can take you all over the great Exuma islands’ pristine waters, calm seas, and vibrant sea life. World-class golfing, dining, and craftsmanship coalesce with a luxury charter experience like no other. 

When most people hear the words tropical paradise, their minds drift to images similar to one of the 2400 cays or islands that make up the Bahamas. Nassau is at the centre of the action, a week’s charter away from some of the most beautiful and uninhabited corners of oceanfront luxury the world has to offer. 

Warm, transparent waters are perfect for water sports year-round. Speed through blue waters on jet skis or take a closer look at world-class scuba and diving spots. Vibrant coral life can be seen from the surface as you sail, but a whole underwater world awaits once you’ve slipped on your snorkelling gear. 

On any day of the year, you can find your private sandy cay for exploration or just relaxing and soaking up the sun. For centuries, the central location and endless summer on offer in Nassau attracted pirates, politicians, and narcos. Each distinguished visitor has left their mark on the turquoise shorelines to give endless opportunities for exploration. 

You can dive amongst shipwrecks centuries-old, float over coral formations older than humanity yet bursting with life, and snorkel mere feet from a submerged plane. And, of course, you’ll find the classic Bahama white sand beaches across Nassau’s surrounding waters close once your head is above water. 

To make the most out of your time at sea, cruise in style aboard a private yacht charter. The island serves as the capital of the Bahamas and has an international airport, which makes it an excellent charter destination. 

Choose from a wide variety of seaworthy vessels that come with a crew packed full of local knowledge to see every side of this Caribbean beauty. Your charter can take you across uninhabited beaches and coves to natural wonders you can’t explore inland. 

Plus, you can map out your charter exactly how you see fit. From private beach lunches to afternoon coral head diving, all the way through airport pickup and drop off, your trip will have all its bases covered. On day one, your magnificent crew will fill your yacht to the brim with fine Caribbean rums, tropical fruits, and five-star cuisine, so all you’ll have to do is change into your swimsuit and set sail. 
A Nassau yacht charter puts the controls in your hands and takes care of all the details to let you spend more time splashing around uninhabited waters while someone else takes care of dinner!