Yacht Charters Taha’a

Escape to Taha’a

Taha’a is the sister island of Raiatea. They share the same coral reef, lagoon, and may have even once made up one island together. Known as the vanilla island, the fertile land is a bounty of botanical beauty. The Tahitian vanilla orchid thrives in the tropical climate of Tahaa, and its sweet scent fills the air. Almost 80% of all vanilla in French Polynesia comes from this very island. 

Groves of coconuts, watermelon, and bananas cover the lush landscape of scenic peaks and valleys. The island itself is even shaped like a flower, for an added bit of whimsy. It’s a secluded setting, accessible only by boat. Pearl farming is a popular pastime, there are high quality pearls of all shapes, colours, and sizes cultivated in Tahaa.

Discover the deserted Joe Dassin Beach, located on the southwest side of the island and named for a famed French singer. Tahaa is famous for its large bays, like Haamene, the largest in French Polynesia. The pristine white sandy shores, translucent turquoise waters, and intricate coral gardens create an idyllic atmosphere for relaxation. 

On the north coast, the sun sets behind Bora Bora for a breathtaking scene. The tallest summit is Mount Ohiri, at just short of 2,000 feet above sea level. The mainland is surrounded by tiny islets scattered across the lagoon. Create a custom cruise itinerary to soak up all the stunning sights of the island. Drift snorkel off the shore between Maharare and Tautau Motus among the brightly coloured fish and delicate corals. 

Enjoy jet skiing, fishing, and diving off the coast of this island, as well. At the depths of this sea, there are caverns and shipwrecks to explore. Tahaa has affectionately been referred to as the place where time stops. The traditional Tahitian way of life is one of slow-paced simple beauty. Often uncrowded, the serenity seeps into all adventures here. Tahaa is a tranquil oasis for Tahitian travelers.