South & Central America

“You can shake the sand from your shoes, but not from your soul.”

From the Amazonian rainforest, to white sandy beaches and the curious creatures of the Galapagos, the wonders of South & Central America are both colourful and delightful- and everything in between.

Yachts in South & Central America


Key Highlights:

  • Spectacular wildlife on land, amazing reefs offshore, giant navigable rivers
  • Ancient ruins and vibrant cities offer unique culture
  • Less-visited cruising grounds – your chance for adventure and solitude

Insider Info:

As with all tropics - make sure to ask for the very latest advice for inoculations.

magic isn’t imaginary...
it’s just very well planned

More details:

Central and South (aka Latin) America is a vast region of contrasts: from jungles and reefs to volcanoes and ancient ruins this is a fantastic area long overdue for superyacht charter attention.

The Isthmus of Panama, the thin strip of land that joins North and South America, has both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines – both offering wonderful tropical cruising. Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico enjoy these twin coasts. Costa Rica is a famous wildlife destination, a safe, happy and beautiful country.

In Panama you could even cross between the two oceans via the canal, enjoying the Caribbean San Blas Islands and the Pacific Pearl islands…

Baja California and the Sea of Cortez are Mexico’s primary diving and fishing sites, great for whale watching in crystal-clear water.

Returning to the Caribbean coast, Belize is a little-known gem, protected by part of the second-largest barrier reef on the planet. Similarly the diving and snorkelling here is fantastic.

On the southern continent Brazil offers terrific variety: Rio de Janeiro is a harbour, and close by the Angra dos Reis is a stunning cruising ground; hundreds of islands are sheltered by Ilha Grande.

Or why not voyage to the heart of the ultimate wildlife destination? The Amazon river is navigable hundreds of miles inland.

Best time to visit:

In general, the southern summer peaks in December/January though rainy seasons vary.

Northern shores closer to the Caribbean may be at hurricane risk between 1 June and 30 November.


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