East Mediterranean

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.”

Delve behind the former ‘Iron Curtain’ to explore these stunning cities of the east.

Flourishes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a mélange of medieval charm are juxtaposed against more sombre reminders of WWII.

Yachts in East Mediterranean


Key Highlights:

  • East meets West with a fascinating diversity of culture and cuisine
  • Stunning ancient cities and historic ruins right on the coast
  • Clear, warm, less-travelled waters give you room to manoeuvre

magic isn’t imaginary...
it’s just very well planned

Insider Info:

This is a huge region, marking the edge of the EU (Greece and Croatia are in the EU, Montenegro and Turkey are not).

If you want to charter in a specific location there are some complex regulations which sometimes mean it is easier to charter to somewhere like Croatia by beginning and ending your journey in Montenegro, or even Venice.

If you’ve chosen your yacht before your destination, ask where it operates and if it needs a licence (give yourself adequate time as these can take months to obtain).

More details:

The Eastern Mediterranean can seem a world away from the bustle of the French Riviera, with empty azure coves and quiet fishing villages, but this is no longer the poor country cousin. It is true that many areas resemble the Riviera of 50 years ago, but there are now excellent superyacht facilities as well as some fantastic food. Vibrant, often ancient cities offer designer shopping alongside centuries-old bazaars…

The sea is usually warm, clear and deep, with endless opportunities to make the most of watertoys without worrying about running in to anyone else. And for those who enjoy more cerebral pursuits, it’s easy to explore the wonders of ancient Rome, Greece and Turkey right on the coast – and even just below the waves if you’re a snorkeler or diver. The Eastern Med is an ideal destination for lovers of history and the sea – for those who would prefer to get away from it all (though you can easily pop ashore for some nightlife whenever you want).

Best time to visit:

Hotter than the Western Med, these waters enjoy a long summer season (April-November)

It can get very warm in peak season (July-August) with daytime maxima regularly in the mid-high 30˚Cs.

There is vast variation in temperatures on land and sea – but many places stay warm into the autumn, with sea temperatures on Turkey’s Southern coast still being a very inviting 24˚C in October.


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